This one’s for Kayla!


I had a wonderful evening being the centre of attention for two photographers last night, including my dear friend Sara. I asked for two things from the shoot – some back shots because you lovely folk are always commenting on my hair, and a triumphant bra removal for @KaylaLords. Clearly this image covers both requests!

Kayla and I had a fun exchange yesterday on Twitter on the subject of bras and removal thereof. So therefore, Kayla, “this one’s  for you!”

I’m blown away by the beauty of the photographs taken yesterday – so stay tuned there will be more to come!

To see who else has taken off their bra  (or their undies) this week, give the lips a friendly kiss…

Sinful Sunday


34 thoughts on “This one’s for Kayla!

  1. What a wonderful photo Indie. You look magnificent and bursting with joy. I almost feel I have gone back to the time of Boudica, who incidentally came from my neck of the woods. Though of course she wouldn’t have had a bra. CP xx

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    • Thanks CP there was a lot of joy in doing this for all three participants. None of us had let our creativity out so freely in ages. There was an ancient leader/goddess-y feel about a lot of the pics especially those in the red caftan. I wasn’t going to do Feb photofest, but there are enough pics from this shoot to enable me to do so without a massive strain on my time. xx

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  2. this shot screams “freeeeee” from the bra!
    I lifted my arms up in the air and screamed it out loud!
    I stopped wearing a bra in 2003 and I never felt darn free, never looked back!

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    • I went braless in the 70’s and always at home. But I also now have a collection of sexy bras the like of which I haven’t worn since I was a teen. And for everyday but in public I wear sports bras. But I love that freedom!


    • Thanks Bee. It was a wonderful photoshoot, and I was feeling very liberated indeed. I wish the dress belonged to me but it was such fun to wear. The front of it is gorgeous as you will see in the FebPhotoFest. xx


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