FPF 2018 #4 Ecdysiast



Original photo 2018, courtesy of Craig M. Used with permission. Filters from ipiccy.

”Some men have called me an ecdysiast. Do you know what that means? An ecdysiast is one who, or that which, sheds it’s skin”

From the Greek ekdysis, moulting. According to Sex-Lexis.com (The Language of Love, Lust and Sex) this word was coined by journalist H. L. Mencken in 1940 to refer to the work of famous stripper Georia Sothern, otherwise known as Gipsy Rose Lee. The quote above comes from “Gypsy” the film made in 1993 starring Bette Midler.

While I am not an exotic or erotic dancer as such, I have a passion for belly dancing and have worked as an artists model for many years. This coupled with the life of my alter “Indigo”, where I am most definitely shedding old skin suggests that this is an appropriate choice of word to describe me at the present time.  I originally entitled this photo Odilesque but I prefer Ecdysiast better now – not the least because it fits the E prompt so wonderfully!

To see who else is playing February Photo Fest 2018, having a gloriously Sinful Sunday or shedding skins click on either of the lips…

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday


28 thoughts on “FPF 2018 #4 Ecdysiast

  1. What a smashing word choice! This reminds me of a piece by Susie Bright in which she talks about how we shed all of our skin cells every seven years – so it’s like we become a new person over and over again. Moulting is powerful, and you absolutely capture that in your beautiful coppery photos.

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    • I once had a contemporary belly dance vid(!) where this gorgeously angular woman was wrapped in metres of cloth which she used to tell the story of innannas descent to the underworld shedding her “skin”as she went. The whole thing echoed through my head as I worked on this post! Xx

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