#SoSS: Topsy Turvy



Topsy Turvy – these are a mixture of current links and some links that caught my eye about 10 days ago. I’ve hurt my wrist and can’t type for long so I’m just going to list them, and recommend you visit, without any detailed explanation.

One current thing – Eugene Noale is back with Food For Thought Friday, (F4TF) and the posts accumulating on his prompt on Oral Sex are well worth a read!

Also I’m acutely aware that my own ArtTwist#2 meme is currently only populated by one post from  Mrs Fever entitled Have Imagination – Will Travel.   I have a ridiculously ambitious image in mind for my own contribution but I’m not sure how I will go if my wrist doesn’t  settle. Luckily there are still 12 days to go (I messed up the math but that’s actually a bonus. Remember you can contribute to other memes including FebruaryPhotoFest and  Sinful Sunday. Also Kayla is looking for prompts for #Masturbation Monday so you might also consider doubling up there.

The issue for me will be which activity has to go – the typing or the masturbation. God what a horrible choice!

Loved this image from a little while ago: DominantSoul Sometimes, Not Being In Control…

And these posts:

Wriggly Kitten Oops I Did it Again

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