FPF 2018 #5 Cloth


I love the feel of cloth against my skin.

The rub of a denim seam across my clit, the silken rasp as stocking covered thigh rubs against stocking covered thigh, crossing and uncrossing my legs. The springy scratch of lace cupping my breasts. Bamboo clinging to my cheeks, folding into my groin, yielding under fingers as I outline my slit. Taking up the moisture that springs up readily as I smooth my hand across my cunt.

I love the shock of a cascade of indigo satin down my body, catching at my nipples, smoothing the mound of belly, moulding my arse as it trickles to my calves. Love too how it lifts with my rising chest, thin straps marking soft arms as they are pinned above me. Anticipatory sensations of skirts, dresses, nightdresses being tugged up and pushed back roughly over the soft skin of my opening thighs.

The feel of cloth being torn away, of cloth being pulled up hard between my legs pressing against my tingling clit makes me moan and twitch. I love too the sensation of cloth slowly, slyly, surreptitiously being inched away, lifted aside, tucked into my creases, allowing fingers, lips, tongues, cocks, dildo’s, access.

The gorgeous prompt for this week by Molly Moore on Masturbation Monday,  suggests all of that…

Having said that one of the sexiest blog headers for me is that of Mrs Fever – Temperatures Rising. I never fail to appreciate this artful, playful image. Not only do I love the feel of cloth against my skin, but also the look of cloth against the skin of another.

I take in the revelation of her tattoo beneath the dark cloth of her chemise, her long fingers, adorned with gold and well manicured nails (as a nail biter I envy those nails), lifting her filigreed lace knickers suggestively away from her skin, revealing  a hint of indented panty line and the faint strokes of public hair. Without the cloth this would be an ordinary image, but the cloth allows me to play with the will-she/won’t she tease that I appreciate so much.

To see who else finds cloth sexy this week (or this month) click on the images below…


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  1. That is a very sexy image and I love the descriptions of fabric on skin. I had not thought about it much before but you are right, those different textures can be a very sensual experience


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