FPF 2018 #6 Call of Cthulu

As some of you are aware I have a bit of a kink around tentacles. This is a (fairly lurid) version of a photo from my site (filter courtesy of ipiccy) which shows my delightfully evil “silicone sculpture” on the windowsill at “The Oasis” my studio cottage. If you are not familiar with the Cthulu mythos this link may provide some insight into it’s role in popular culture. The one time I role-played the actual game I squealed in terror when the monster got me (and I “died”).

I’m still squealing when I feel that tentacular touch, but it’s much more fun these days, my deaths are only little ones…

I’m posting this on Tuesday because its an appropriate day for questions (sorry TMI). Questions I’d like to answer and have answered involves (1) people’s interest in/ use of “alternative” or “monstrous” sex toys, (2) how frequently (if at all) do you use horror and mythological role play in sex, and (3) who/what are your favorite monster sex authors/stories/images. The

I think you know my answer to question one. Question two – occasionally as the mood strikes – it’s not a full on thing. Question three I currently have several collections of short stories on my Kindle, the main one being The Redd Monster Collection by Eden Redd (which is dodgy in parts, but some stories work for me.) And of course there is the Japanese print by Hokusai commonly referred to as The Dream of Fisherman’s Wife. Thinking about the latter I’ve just found my post for F4TF!

February Photofest


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  1. I haven’t ventured into the world of horror or mythological role play. My most “alternative” toys have usually been kitchen implements. That’s probably horrific to some

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  2. Wow! I was going to make a post on Katsushika Hokusai some day soon. On my sister’s blog, because she –being a lover of erotic art, and of Hindu and Eastern-Asian erotic art in particular– already posted this print you mention with a short comment on G+ in 2016. Here:
    (She restricted it to “extended circles”, so if you can’t open the link, tell me and I would add you to her contacts on G+ !) *Hugs and Best Wishes, Indie* πŸ™‚

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  3. (1) I would really like to play with alt toys, though dragons and superheroes are more my thing. (The Bad Dragon Kelvin? Yes, please! Ditto, The Incredible Hunk – which is a play on The Hulk, of course.)

    (2) Never

    (3) Monsters… I suppose that is somewhat open to interpretation. There is Frankenstein’s monster, of course, which has all sorts of monstrous implications and has been much dissected by feminists and others over the years. Generally speaking, I’m not much a fan of horror or sci-fi/fantasy fiction, but I’ve read a few shapeshifter/otherworldly-type erotic stories that are ‘suspend your disbelief’-type fun. (Lynsay Sands is hilarious. Christine Warren has an interesting imagination. Lora Leigh’s “breed” series is good for the sex scenes if you can stand the angsty BS in between.) And of course I grew up in the era of Scooby Doo, where all the “monsters” were unmasked as men… Being an avid reader, I have – of course – run across my share of characters who are both {a} monstrous men, and {b} men who believe themselves to be monsters (though rarely are they).

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    • What a fabulously detailed response Feve- I am so keen to catch up with you in person later in the year. I’m sure we’ll have lots to discuss. I do have a few more monstrous toys not all which are tentacled…thanks for the reading suggestions (it was a (successfully) cunning ploy on my part as I now have some new authors to enjoy! πŸ˜‹


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