FPF 2018 #7 Messenger

sunshinesoutta (2)

According to my trusty book of symbols the Rainbow in Greek Mythos was associated with the Goddess Iris. Iris was regarded as a messenger (primarily from Hera); her symbol often seen between sea and sky (or dam and sky in this instance).

More prosaically science regards the phenomenon as a “meterological phenomenon… caused by caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky.” (Source:Wikipedia – Rainbow)

Part of that spectrum of light is the colour we refer to as Indigo. So you see the rainbow sometimes really does shine out of my…

While I have used some computer alteration to enhance the rainbow effect, it really was visible. In fact two photographers spent about 15 minutes trying to make an image that carried that idea, while avoiding trauma to the suburban neighbours on the other side of the ridge…

I hope you find this image almost as pleasurable as I (and my co-conspirators) did while we were making it!

To see who else is entertaining the neighbours this week click on the lips above the rainbow, or if you’re not feeling that adventurous simply embrace the rainbow…

February Photofest



12 thoughts on “FPF 2018 #7 Messenger

  1. Indie, this is one of my favorites of yours! Especially the full shot that shows your hands! the shadow effect is fantastic and the rainbow glow through your legs focuses the attention. You look like a goddess invoking the storm. Really really beautifully done!

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    • Thank you KW. I love it too – I plan to get a copy of it blown up to put on my wall. There are a couple of others from this photoshoot that I’d like to do that to as well. Going to run out of wall space fast!

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    • I was! It was a glorious night by my standards, probably a little mild for sun worshippers such as yourself! My photographers were working very hard to place the sun – just so!


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