FPF 2018 #10 Boots

boots ready

I’ve had a love affair with boots over the years. Sometimes its been a kinky love, sometimes not.

My first pair of boots were a pair of luscious caramel coloured suede, which zipped to 3/4 of the way up my calf. I paired them with a similarly hued velvet coat, my hair was the length it is now and a dark blonde. At age 16 I was hot and I knew it. Sadly I have only memories of that outfit, I wish I had a photograph.

My second pair of boots were white, just below my knee, lace up’s. They had squared off toes and a chunky heel. I bought them partly because I had a thing back then about the 1967 musical theatre film Camelot. Franco Nero was hot! But the trailer is impossible to watch now without thinking about Monty Python!!

The boots went with the pseudo medieval style wedding dress mum made for me. My wedding boots vanished years ago (along with the marriage) probably in one of my many relocations, but the mum’s beautiful handiwork is on a model in my dining room, along with other items relating to her dressmaking career including an old Singer sewing machine.

Both these pairs of boots achieved the minor miracle of going on over my curvy calves (built up during my ballet phase). I say minor miracle because even my rubber “gumboots” – wellies to you Brits, generally need a little surgical operation to make them pull up properly. But I do love wearing these boots, even clomping around in the backyard in the rain somehow feels sexy to me. Maybe I’m channeling my inner Domme when I wear these boots.


Role Play

Currently I own the much admired pair of short navy boots shown in this photograph. These are part of Indigo’s wardrobe, and so they are my “kinky boots”. They’ve taken me to OzKink and given me sore feet at Sexpo. They double as part of my pseudo-Victorian “seduced/seductive maid” fantasy, along with petticoats, corsets, my navy stockings, riding crop and cane. I count myself fortunate that an artist friend of mine did a study of me in such an outfit. It hangs on the wall at the Oasis, to remind me of the fun of modelling and joys of dressing up. Not that I need reminding! They are the latest in a line of short witchy boots, but are by far my favorites. I hope you enjoy them too!

February Photofest

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    • Im planning too I accidentally deleted the kotw lips just before I published on my iPad while in bed last night but I needed my computer to do the cut and paste and decided to leave it till the morning lol! But thanks for the reminder x


    • Thanks Mal. Mine aren’t overly practical (I do have walking boots), and they are not kinky in the “thigh high dominatrix stiletto” sense, but they do have a role to play in my kinky life whether it be part of an image I have of myself or part of an historical fantasy I’m cultivating…


  1. Lovely shot of your legs. Your taste is boot wear is very familiar to my Beloved. He loves that style with a fit of frill at times. I find those heels are comfortable, not too high and not flat…a perfect combo.

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