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This week I’ve concentrated on the idea of being playful, because I’ve had a lovely playful fortnight being photographed by two photographers, and posting on #FebruaryPhotoFest2018.

Clearly I wasn’t the only one feeling playful on #Sinful Sunday, in fact I was spoilt for choice. The prompt “letter E” clearly bought out lots of fun and some interesting props. All of which are evident in my selections.


Cousin Pons and his ewer CP seems to be in need of a large ewer to conceal his goodies this week. I wonder what he’d been thinking about?
I know he’s been thinking about writing – lots and lots of it. So I’m sure he needs a shoutout of appreciation and a virtual backrub!

Elliot and his embroidery Elliot’s getting a lot of mileage out of his growing skill with a needle. But whats growing behind the embroidery frame is pretty terrific too.

Aurora and her lolly pop I suspect this woman’s sweet tooth will be legendary, she’s got a knack for finding something sweet to suck on or photograph.

Eye and her lava lamp Eye lit up my life and took me back in time with the chill blue of a lava lamp illuminating her gorgeous body. Very erotic and very playful…


From Eye lighting up my life electrically to a bunch of writers flicking the switch on topics I also offer the following:


  • Serious business, clearly explained (not playful) by Love Letters to a Unicorn. Not everyone will agree with the views expressed here, but it’s a valuable discussion none-the-less. This was the second week in a row I’ve highlighted her writing… Adding the K to “LGBTQ+” – No.

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