FPF 2018 #14 Seeing you



my thoughts on another –

an unexpected transport not back in time but forward;

such a novelty on this familiar road

so laden with your ghost.

But there you stood.

A casual roadside presence

lounging in conversation

Seen for the first time in years.

You too seemed happy, your unseeing laughter flickered across

my car.

You did not see me.

But Ryan, I saw you.

I laughed when I saw this weeks prompt. I wrote this poem about two weeks ago after the featured incident, and it’s been sitting in my drafts waiting for the right moment. I love this photo taken by my friend and collaborator Sara: it fits the mood perfectly – in my mind at least.

February Photofest



21 thoughts on “FPF 2018 #14 Seeing you

    • Thanks K, it’s lovely working with someone – or more correctly several someones again. I find it fascinating to compare the results of two different photographers on the same photoshoot – I plan to post about that. I hope for another photoshoot soon… Indie


    • Thank you Rebel it looks like my younger self for some reason. I’m going to get a larger copy made of this and a couple of others from this shoot. They deserve to be seen on a daily basis…


    • Thanks it’s weird when you see a former lover like that (and they don’t see you). At least he looked happy. I doubt he thinks of me on that road but I normally think of him – in the old days we could barely get 20kms down the road before having to stop for a fuck… sigh…


    • Thanks Jo, I love it too. I’m going to get a copy blown up to hang in the Oasis. The thing that fascinates me is that I look like I did back in my Ryan days or even younger, which is why I chose that image to go with the poem … I’ll pass on your compliment to my photographer too! Indie x

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