#ArtTwist2 – Roundup

Thanks to fabulous May More from @more_matters and ifsexmatters  for this, the ArtTwist#2 round up, and thanks to all the lovely folk who contributed and commented! You are all wonderful, especially since February has proved to be such a crazy busy CREATIVE month amongst the sex blogging company.

Catch May’s latest FebruaryPhotoFest entry here!

Thanks again to Cousin Pons @books1799 for a fabulous and challenging prompt!


August Egg (1862) The Travelling Companions


Mrs fever – Have Imagination, Will Travel

At first glance, this looks like a provocative open legged shot. But on closer inspection, a different scene is presented to you. Two ladies, or even conjoined twins, sitting back to back. A witty and intelligent take on the actual painting where the ladies on the train look so akin..

Malflic – Above the Fray

I could be wrong. but I see this as an intriguing and clever attempt to simulate the interior dialogue of the Mandalay Hotel mass murderer. Mal Illustrates this with some fantastic photos fitting with the travelling theme of the Art-twist painting.

Indie – On the Platform

This amusing image did make me smile particularly because the mannequin has a face but Indie does not. The jaunty posture of the mannequin contrasts with the suggestive stance of Indie. Both are dressed in a similar colour, bringing the painting to mind. The photo is embellished by a short tale of how the ladies first met.

Cousin Pons – The Handkerchief

This story by Pons has a challenging twin-pronged narrative, offering dual perspectives, in differing times, of the painting. It is an extremely apt literary response to the prompt. I will not say more than this as I do not want to spoil the tale for you.

Master’s Pleasing Bitch – Two Harps

Last but not least is Julie’s entry. Which gives a real, literal and honest interpretation of the painting – also pondering as to why the ladies were on the train.

My Favourite

The Art-twist is a great meme for getting the blogger to delve into the depths of their creative minds and give a fresh interpretation to a historic work of art. If I had to pick one favourite from the five it would be Mrs Fevers eye-catching and ingenious photo illustrating the ladies on the train.

Thanks again May! The new ArtTwist#3 prompt will be out in the next few days. It was originally commented on by two bloggers when it featured in a post of mine before Xmas (spoilers).

ArtTwist#4 coming up in March was suggested by May when I put out the call for prompts last year. As it is a short month (and I stuffed up the math for the current prompt) I will post that prompt in the last week of February.

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25/02/18 Addendum. I’ve just received a link for ArtTwist#2 from Elliot. Unfortunately he missed the deadline and has posted his entry in ArtTwist#3 instead. So if you want to check it out you know what to do! Since it was his first post punishment is deferred this time!


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