FPF 2018 #16 Circles in the Grass


This is another one of the photos taken by Craig M. the other week in my double photographer shoot. I’m still pondering the artist/model variables I posted on the other day, and hoping to get some more modelling done with Craig sometime soon.

Someone mentioned in one of my comments that there was something of the spirit of the worship of the Goddess in the “Messenger” image posted as FPF 2018 entry no. 7. Given that my other photographer Sara and I had a great grrl date the other night attending Anne O Nomis‘ presentation on Quršu – the Ancient Sex Songs honouring the rites of the Goddess, I decided to share this image, which I think is also imbued with Her sensual, dancing spirit.

February Photofest


Finally, I’ve wanted to take part in #Boobday forever, but I never quite get the deadline sorted in my head. So delighted I made it this time…


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