Sharing is – FPF 2018 #17 – Art


FPF 2018 #17 – Art

It’s been a creative week in so many ways. I had the extreme challenge of voting on the Smut Marathon metaphors the other night. So hard to only choose 3 from so many excellent entries! I don’t envy the judges their task…

The FebruaryPhotoFest2018 continues apace, and I for one am struggling to keep up especially since I foolishly agreed to work this semester. I’d much sooner be blogging at this point.

On Tuesday night I was able to attend a marvellous performance on the Sex Songs and Praise of the Sacred Vulva – the rite of Quršu. The performance was presented by Anne O Nomis and three ‘maidens’ at The Passionfruit Shop in Melbourne. This link will take you to the first of Anne’s guest blog posts in the site if you are interested. Anne has a book out entitled the The History & Arts of the Dominatrix and another one forthcoming Flight of the Goddess which relates to the ancient sex goddesses. If you are not following her on Twitter I highly recommend you do!

Added to which the latest ArtTwist#3 prompt based on Gustav Klimt’s stunningly erotic red-haired Danae is now officially out as well.

In my Reader:

I’ve also had some fabulously artful posts arrive in the reader this week, (not all of them about Aphrodite’s realm, Persephone gets a look in too) I hope you find them as interesting as I did.

First up the wonderful Lixie now has a new blog up and running, entitled “Bound in the Backyard” to go with the previous offering “Invisible Forms: a losers corner“. Featured  on both blogs is a post entitled Malika Favre – On sex-appeal and feminine pleasure. The post highlights some bold and exciting prints by the artist of that name, many of which are modelled on the Le Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris.

A post on street art for Valentine’s Day from back in 2013 featured in Vanilla Spankings post Slappy Valentines Day. It’s fascinating to see the way the image of the devilish dominatrix spanking a nun changes over a short period of time!

I follow a group of women from Death and the Maiden collective. One of their members Eva Müller has a graphic novel entitled “In the Future We Are Dead” on the way. Her graphic images are thought provoking and to the point. Eva is looking for sponsors in her bid to get published. If you can assist in any way I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

I’ve also just found a new arts blog to follow in the form of the Museworthy site run by NY artists model Claudia.

And finally, a couple of weeks ago Accidental Masturbator shared a sexy drawing – which he referred to as Porn Therapy, with us. While I agree with his comment that the trend in colouring books doesn’t do it – his stunning pencil drawings are well worth another look!

And the photograph? One of a number I took at the Oasis last year, where I was simultaneously working as model and artist…

February Photofest


Postscript: I’ve just seen Exposing 40’s latest haunting post which responds to the work of Sally Mann (links on E40’s post). Go check them out if you haven’t already seen them!

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  1. Thanks dearly for the mention, the sweet comment and the link, Indie ❤ ✨ 💐 ! Just, please, note that INVISIBLE FORMS is not my new blog; it’s been running for a year and a half. My new (and even naughtier) blog is this: BOUND IN THE BACKYARD (As a Slut, but Snugly) , and you may visit it at:
    (BTW, this is a perfect occasion to go there, feel snug and kindly click the follow button :)) – Thank you so so much ❤ ✨ 💐 ! )

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