FPF 2018 #18 Danae


I love Gustav Klimt’s painting of Danae being impregnated by Zeus in a shower of molten gold. This, and the knowledge that I am not the only one who loves this work decided me to use it for the ArtTwist#3 prompt. I love the dreamy expression on Danae’s face in the work, as she clutches the knowledge of her arousal and penetration to her, but above all I love the lusciousness of Danae’s glorious arse. While mine is nowhere near as magical as that in the painting, I do appreciate the way it looks in this photo and I hope you do too. To see the photo without the distraction of “Zeus’s hot spray”, look below and you will see the image before I used the ipiccy Light filter…

But this is not my contribution to #ArtTwist3  but rather to #SinfulSunday and #FebruaryPhotoFest. My #ArtTwist3 contribution must wait until Wednesday where I can publish an accompanying poem which is Wicked but not necessarily sinful.

normal dany

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday


28 thoughts on “FPF 2018 #18 Danae

  1. 1) “Zeus’s Hot Spray” should definitely be the name of a product, and 2) I actually like the original version better – just seeing your lovely body in the pale light is really nice.

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    • Mm great marketing idea just need the right product and thanks for the feedback on the second photo. As you will see when ArtTwist starts this week I wasn’t very happy about my bits at all. Xx


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