FPF 2018 #19 A Little courtesy goes…


The shelf seems impossibly high to reach, and as always the last box of cat food is right at the back. I look around, there is no-one in sight to help me. I jiggle up and down in frustration, then spot one of the store employees turning into the far end of the aisle.

I wait until he gets close before I make my move. “Excuse me” I ask in a hesitant voice “Can you help me please?” My voice sounds higher pitched than normal, anxious, uncertain. The young man, despite his pouty bad boy looks is well enough trained in customer courtesy. He slows to a halt. “Certainly ma’am, how can I help you?”

I pull a little self deprecating face. “Can you get me down a box of the cat food please? The one on the high shelf. Yes that one. I’d get it myself but I’m afraid I’m too little to reach it.”

He hands over the box, and I place it in my trolley. “Thank you,” I say, enthusiastically, looking directly into his eyes and giving him my best smile. “You’re welcome,” he says mechanically, eager to be on his way, having done his bit for the little white-haired old lady before him. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

At that moment my imagination (and my brat) goes into overdrive, but I rein it in, lowering my lashes then looking back at him withย  a sideways glance. “No thank you, (but I’m sure my pussy really appreciates your willingness to help me out…) thanks again for your help.”

Finish the story in any way you see fit…

This is the closest I get to letting my Little out to play… When you are perceived as a little old lady,ย  being a Little just wouldn’t wash I’m afraid… But damn, the brat in me would love to startle some of those store employees with some apparently innocent stories about my pussy…

Would you like to see my pussy?


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28 thoughts on “FPF 2018 #19 A Little courtesy goes…

  1. :)) I’ve not any kind of domestic fowl, but I’d enjoy using that pun my way: “…my cock really appreciates, etc.” Or, even more cocky: “Would you like to see -and pet- my cock?”
    (It uses to be at half cock at most when I’m am on shopping, but showing it would cocksurely make it lift up fast.)

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  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ I only was naively playing with a language that I love but keeps many secrets to me.
    Btw. I have a picture ready for your new Art Twist ; I just do not understand well the procedure: do I have to post it first on one of my blogs? … Add the logo, and then link the post to what, exactly…? (I regret to be so dim sometimes :/ )

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    • Not dim, it is confusing if you haven’t used these linky tools before and it is an old version… Check that the link tool is open on the ArtTwist page – down the bottom – funny little box it., click on it and it will redirect to another page. You’ll know cause it will tell you if it is open or not and how long until it opens (or closes). Copy the logo and paste on your page so anyone else seeing it gets directed. Post your page after the link tool opens, copy the URL of your posted page and paste into the top box of the link the rest should fill in automatically. Choose from the array of pics it finds on your page (usually the main pic or the logo if you want to be more discrete) press the ‘go’ button and then check it is visible. Tweet that you’ve posted and we will stand back and applaud what I’m sure will be a fabulous shot. I think there will be a few entries this time around which is very exciting – Danae is such a gorgeous painting, even though my post/poem is rather jaded I’m afraid. (Sometimes you’ve just got to let the fear out) I’m so pleased you are joining us! You could also post to Sinful Sunday using the same image next week. The community there are very welcoming and quite respectful. xx Indie

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      • Aww! OK ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a lot for your super-kind explanation! I will try it tomorrow (with a somewhat edited picture of myself, yes). My only concern is that I wouldn’t like to tweed the post in my own Twitter account: I scarcely use it, but my daugther and some not much accepting friends and relatives look at my account sometimes :((

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          • OK, dear โค โœจ ! ! This would be very kind of you! (It’s a rather explicit pic despite the edition…) See you tomorrow ๐Ÿ’‹
            About Danae, this particular Greek myth (like the rapes of Leda and Gamynedes have always filled some fantasies of mine) *Hugs and Kisses*

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          • Have you seen Jerusalem Mortimer’s Leda series? if you google the name plus Leda you will get it. God’s and their wicked ways feature fairly often in mine too! If you are concerned about Twitter/explicitness I won’t tweet it on for you…

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          • I visited Jaime’s blog yesterday. It’s most interesting and very well written. I’m now following it. I liked much some of his posts on Leda and the Swan, and all the relations he points out with other swans in mythology from different cultures.
            I am very glad you shared this with me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you very much โค โœจ ๐Ÿฆ„

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  3. There are times when things left to the imagination are the most intense and this narrative is one of them. I know my mind wandered in several different directions. A chance meeting, a brief interaction, a moment constructed in the mind. Powerful and erotic.
    Littles are not bound by physical age, we all have one inside us, letting them out to play once in a while is what keeps one young at heart.

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