FPF 2018 #20 Alien



Many years ago i wrote sci-fi short stories for my own entertainment. Looking at some of Lascivious Lucy’s recent writing brought it all back. So I sent her a copy of the middle image on Twitter, and we talked about the possibly of her using it in conjunction with a story. There is something very serpentine/cephalapod about it I think.

And while I was playing with that amazing blue filter I decided to try it out on a couple of other images I had tucked away on my computer.

In case you are wondering, no I don’t go for the alien/egg scenario (just tentacles) but I just wish we had the capability to change our body coloration like other creatures do, I’d go for it in an instant…

If you want to try this crazy filter for yourself, once again it is on ipiccy under filters – nature.


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  1. I am always agog at your wonderful imagination Indie and your artistic creations. Your energy, skill and enjoyment just shine through and leave me feeling inspired, excited and very very happy. xx

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