FPF 2018 #22 – Golden years?

Warning: I was feeling somewhat jaded with my life when I wrote this, so any wickedness is muted. I’m sorry if it spoils anyone’s pleasure in the gorgeous #ArtTwist#3 prompt, or that of the bucchaneering cue for #WickedWednesday, but like the rest of you I have my days when I wonder where I am headed and what has been the point of it all…

For a kinder view of Danae see my earlier post FBF 2018 #18 also posted for #Sinful Sunday.


Danae: Fifty years later

Euphoric Danae, your virgin cunt

newly plowed.

Dreaming on the hard oblivion

Loosed within the unexpectedness

of your claiming.

The taking thrust, the molten stream,

freed you from the prison

of your kin


The un-repeated stroke –

repeated often in memory…

branding and re-branding through the years.


in a crawling tide

of indifference.


In time,

rising in its stead

an ache -soured


pirated by

age and loneliness.


Your golden streams of pleasure bleaching to straw

leave you drenched in knowing,

an unforseen bitter awareness

that the heat of the god

has forever






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14 thoughts on “FPF 2018 #22 – Golden years?

  1. This is high literature, sis :!! I Love the image and I am moved and charmed by the poem. It’s sad -as you say- but also so beautiful, that it becomes very pleasant. You have transcended sadness and longing to get peace, wisdom and beauty — and this shift is undoubtedly for better πŸ’œ !

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    • Thank you – had a troubled day the other day when I wrote it. Been an interesting week – very emotional but not necessarily in a bad way. By the time I posted this I was feeling good again, and somewhat hesitant about posting as you saw. However amazing what an intense and tender hug can do, I’ve been craving touch… xxx


  2. Such a beautiful image, and thoughts about life. I sometimes think about life too, about what is behind me and wondering what lays ahead, because nothing ever seems to go the way we think it will…

    Rebel xox

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    • Thanks Rebel, I actually think it’s healthy to consider some of these things rather than brushing them under the carpet. Once they are out there is space to move and breathe again…
      Indie xx


  3. This is a beautiful image. The words are just so thought provoking, I will have to go away and reflect. Luckily I have my round up to do, so I can add something there!

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