FBF 2018 #23 Target – ed.


This is not-quite Throwback Thursday – because I’m posting it Friday. It’s an image I created for a series entitled Social Target when I was right royally pissed off about the narrow approach of a certain social media platform… I also did an #SoSS post around freeing the nipple and other breast activist websites (November 25, 2017) – if you haven’t seen them I recommend having a look.

I really like the angle and the swirl of lipstick around my breast and nipple in this first protest post entitled Social Target Artwork 1. posted on Nov 20th 2017. I posted other similar photo’s again on the 21st,  and twice on the 22nd.

The featured image is the original, but I’ve cropped the photo and given it heightened colour this time, since I know how popular rosy glows are in this neck of the woods.

I’m still cranky about the whole issue, but life has moved on somewhat…

February Photofest