FPF 2018 #24 Sharing is – Rope


Test run (don’t look too hard at the knots)! I did a quick bra for the photo based on RopeBaby’s tutorial

Last Friday, Food for Thought F4TF#35 posed questions about restraint and rope-play. Unfortunately I missed my chance, but today’s #SoSS addresses some of the questions anyway.

I’ve been attracted to the idea of self tying for some time, albeit with reservations around age, physical ability and my weight. I am unfit with somewhat limited flexibility at the moment so I’ve just made an agreement to walk regularly with my photography companion CM. I also intend to start an exercise program to strengthen my core and my arms, because I am so damned determined to start working with rope.

The artist/model/muse in me appreciates the aesthetics and the opportunity to hopefully collaborate with photographer CM on some rope based photo-shoots; the sensualist in me is desirous of the physical and emotional contact this may entail and as an emergent kinkster I’m wanting to explore the power dynamics involved.

So therefore, on Thursday I took my interest further and purchased a couple of books by Evie Vane, A Little Guide to Getting Tied Up and Better Bondage for Every Body (both available in hardcopy and e-book via Amazon) I was still trying desperately to keep my eyes open at 1.30 am last night as I speed read the latter on Kindle. (Rest assured I will go over it in slowmo as well.) One of the things I loved about this book was the reassurance it gave me as someone who ticked several of the variations addressed including, curvy body, older age and limited fitness, and the desire to learn to self tie. As a former artists model I’ve had first hand experience of an immobilized body, and the effects it can have on circulation, although I’ve rarely had to contend with nerve issues. I often have to force myself to change positions when sitting on the couch, I’ve been trained in stillness and old habits are hard to break. However I’m hoping that those old habits will enable me to contend with the forced immobility of working with rope.

Yesterday as a further demonstration of commitment to my intent I went out and bought some coloured rope to practice with (I’ve already got some jute, but I wanted colour.)

As a child I spent a lot of time hanging upside down from various trapezes and monkeybars, and  during puberty I used to have amazing flying dreams, I’m fairly convinced that these experiences play into my desire for at least one expert suspension so I simply adored Jade’s joyous (chilly) post Ice Flying posted on Day 17 of FPF2018…

I started this post last weekend hot on the heels of Wriggly Kitty’s Food for Thought post Tie Me and since I now subscribe to SophiaRoseRope and Illusionscene360 there were some amazingly beautiful, inspirational  and erotic images in my Reader to move my interest along, and stir my libido. About  3 months ago I encountered a video Shibari in the Woods by Lahtnor and Sofia that I found incredibly arousing to watch. I return to this video from time to time. You may already know this work – it dates from 2016.

However aesthetics and eroticism aside, rereading A to Subbee’s: A painful farewell to a loved practice  was a reminder that I need to be mindful in my enthusiasm, and proceed with caution, since even experienced hands can be brought undone by body issues.

Examples of beautiful rope work feature from time to time on #SinfulSunday but I couldn’t find the one I wanted dating from around the time of my own debut on Molly’s fabulous meme. However I caught my breath in sheer delight at the lusciously erotic image by Judy and Steve’s  and have since looked around their Steamy Bedtime blog for more practical Shibari ideas. Thanks folks – love your work!

I had a little chuckle at Lovebunny’s invitation to play with a rope harness and a fat rippled dildo entitled Packing Paisley from Tantus, her no. 22 post for @FPF2018, and I thought this post was done only Modesty Ablaze just had to pull the switch on that idea.


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2 thoughts on “FPF 2018 #24 Sharing is – Rope

  1. I love the enthusiasm you have for learning. I started learning to tie myself up a year ago now, and completed my first self suspension 36lb heavier than I am now. Limited fitness and size can all be worked around. Starting with the basics you won’t need to be flexible or fit but will build that skill set for when you have increased in the physical confidence you need going forward. Also try and meet people to tie with as peer learning is so effective.

    I look forward to watching your journey x

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    • Thanks for the excellent feedback. I have a friend who may be interested in working with me though she is one very busy woman and getting time with her is tricky. I also have a photographer friend I want to work with – same deal. But I am thinking of attending a particular workshop when I’m in the UK this year. I’m sure there will be lots of future posts on this, thanks for being there… x

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