FPF 2018 #27 – Toy


TMI Tuesday in reverse…

12. _____ is one of my favorite toys.
12. My mannequin (and my rope) are some of my (newest) favorite toys.

11. I look forward to _____ this year.
11. I look forward to visiting the UK this year.

10. When my alarm clock goes off, I _____.
10. When my alarm clock goes off, I’m shocked. Usually I don’t do the alarm thing…

9. My _____ get mad at me for _____.
9. My cat gets mad at me for using the vibrator when she wants to sleep.

8. Do you wanna _____.
8. Do you wanna feed my body as well as my creativity? (Risotto sounds great – I’ll buy the ingredients – if you do the cooking)

7. I have never been able to ____ long enough.
7. I have never been able to cuddle long enough – until I met my new cuddle friend. Gods I now crave that firm contact!

6. You should be _____.
6. Trying to avoid should’s, my stuff is not your stuff, whoever you are.

5. _____ really need to _____.
5. Some nights I really need to sleep, but my iPad, my thoughts and/or my vibrator won’t let me.

4. Sex bloggers are _____.
4. Sex bloggers are the person next door, or just up the road. They are only a mouse click away…

3. _____ and _____.
3. Modelling and Photography. Cuddling and Feeling Safe. Tea and Companionship. [Rope and Fingering??? Cuffs and Cunnilingus???]

2. _____ to me baby.
2. See above..

1. _____ call.
1. I love an hour and half long call, it’s a novelty I truly appreciate.

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10 thoughts on “FPF 2018 #27 – Toy

    • Thank you, I need to get my skills up for myself and another friend who is keen to explore Shibari. I’ve looked at “Rope Baby’s” youtube clips for ideas, I did the harness on myself first and then the other one on my model for a comparison… x

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      • Twisted monk has some pretty good videos on YouTube too. Mind you, there is so much to choose from! Rope is one of my favourite toys 😁


        • Thank you bfs, I’ve not seen Twisted Monk’s video’s – I will have a look. I’ve lustfully eyed off their Indigo coloured rope in the past but as I am in Australia unfortunately it has not been practical to purchase any. I’m only very new at working with rope, but am rather excited about it’s aesthetic and kinky possibilities! x

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    • yeah I have a few strange friends! She’s handy to learn some basic shibari moves on. she’s the only one i’ve got that is anything but a torso – and she’s the least like me in figure type. lol! x

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    • Ah my sincere condolences I’m sure that any cat worth its salt would make you a target for its own perverse pleasures! I’m delighted you were amused by no 9. Thanks for looking Nero (my first cat -black of course – shared your name). Indie


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