FPF 2018 #28 Crystal Ball


It feels like my life is at an important juncture, the future is veiled and I need some guidance on how to proceed. There have been enough odd occurrences and personal challenges in the last few days to make me anxious and uncertain. A crystal ball gazed at through the mesh of my knickers might be as much help as anything, though maybe it’s my knickers or what’s in them is at the root of my issues. Still this image is about as wicked as I get this week – sorry.

If I turn to  Numerology, and the significant repeating number “300” because that’s the Wicked Wednesday prompt, I find some suggestions, including ones I can relate to my creative and spiritual journeys and the opportunities for growth. One page also reminded me to trust my intuition, which would be great except that my intuition seems to be sending me in two different directions.

It’s so very easy to position your obvious sexual and creative desires within a course of action only to realise you’ve made another stupid life mistake and, what’s worse, one you’ve made before! At a point in time when it actually felt like I was making progress I now feel rather like I’m treading water – or going round in circles again. At my time of life that’s a crap thing to have to do (though I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like that.)

The other day I investigated the potential of a house I’d seen online, for a future sexy bathtub photoshoot, only to realise it was oddly familiar. I already realised it was in a street I’d lived in before a very long time ago, but as I drove down the side of the house into what was evidently a recently made street, I caught a glimpse of a bungalow at the back and realised it was a place that Ryan and I had lived in briefly when we first cohabited. It was here we played our memorable kinky games of Hunter. To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement. There have been other freaky co-incidences too, but this was the most obvious.

Maybe it’s no co-incidence that the figure of the Goddess – in a number of creative, sexual and life-enhancing guises has been appearing in my photographs. It’s all very woowoo for some of you no doubt, but the quest for improvement and personal growth has been a thing that’s challenged me on and off over the years.

This is the last #FPF2018 post and it’s been loads of fun and bloody hard work! I haven’t given as much feedback as I’d like to all those other wonderful participants and I confess I’ll be happy to play with written stories again for a while, but it was a fabulous challenge…

And my current challenges too will eventually get sorted out one way or another. Either way I hope there is some delightful wickedness involved, but I may not have any – hence my rather desperate need for a crystal ball!

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14 thoughts on “FPF 2018 #28 Crystal Ball

  1. Indie: lost in the gloom and full of uncertainties and hesitations as I am now as well, the best I can say is that the “crystal ball” is at your reach already: inside you; under your thinking mind. If only you can stop thinking for a while long enough (which I agree is difficult), you could have glimpses of what you need and seek for so eagerly.
    My warm hugs and very best wishes as always 💜 ✨ !!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your life’s journey with us, and your thoughts. I think all of us travel the roads of this life and sometimes (have to) stand still and review where we come from and where we are heading…
    Congratulations on completing the #FPF 2018!

    Rebel xox

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  3. Beautiful post Indigo.
    Maybe we are all feeling lost right now. I know I am.
    Lots of love to you x


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