Carpe Diem

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Guest Post – Sara Amos – photographer  & model

This photograph was taken several weeks ago. For most of the photo shoot Sara, who is an accomplished photographer and very dear friend was on the business end of the glass, taking photos of me in the red caftan. Then at one point, she stripped down to her chemise and allowed me to take some photos of her. It’s rather wonderful that we both had our chance to seize the day.

There was a third photographer there as well, and we could have applied the “Rule of Thirds” and insisted that he get his kit off too, but we were so busy enjoying photographing each other that the question never came up…

Unfortunately Sara is quite unwell at the moment, but I showed her my choice of images for today’s post and she gave her approval sitting up in her hospital bed.

Get well soon my lovely, we have more adventures (photographic and otherwise) ahead of us!

Sinful Sunday


31 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

    • Thanks LSB, they weren’t my favorites, but I do like them. I had to choose discreet images which is unfortunate. I might have to do a cropped image another time – the wind rippling across her chemise was spectacular, and not really apparent here…


  1. What a lovely experience!

    I like both photos, especially with the slight pop of colored grass at the bottom left giving them a seasonal/transitional feel.

    Nicely done!


  2. Such a beautiful photo! Her legs are incredible! It sounds like a lovely day for you both. I hope she will be well again soon so you can share more photography days together. And we get to enjoy the photos!
    Aurora x

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    • Thanks Molly I will pass on your good wishes to her. And I appreciate the prompt- anything that makes me improve my limited knowledge is valuable!


    • Thanks K she is a delightfully sexy woman and a wonderful person to be around! The photoshoot was her idea and I’m grateful on a number of levels. Indie xxx


    • Thanks CP. It’s very disconcerting being around two accomplished photographers – I felt like I was just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I’ll pass on your good wishes to Sara xx


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