#SoSS – Erotic Triggers


If you follow Masturbation Monday you may have noticed my post this week entitled Hair Trigger. The post documents my recent discovery that I am erotically attracted to longer hair on men (and quite possibly women), through another story involving my younger lover Ryan. I’m slightly bemused that it’s taken so long to work some of these things out, but then until now I haven’t really explored anything much about my preferences or even what possibilities were out there.

The same cannot be said for Mrs Fever. While checking out Feve’s response to the #WickedWednesday coffee prompt “Libation”, I happened to notice this post Now, To Answer The Breast Question from 2015 which details Feve’s responses to Breast Play. What a fascinating read. She knows her body so well – I am totally in awe of her self-awareness. However reading the post (and playing with my own breasts at the same time I discovered a new thing and remembered an old trigger. New thing – I like a fingernail slicing up my nipples once I’m aroused. Old trigger – licking firmly between my breasts…

Feve also replied at length to a post of mine this week – I really appreciated the feedback, thank you!

Another erotic trigger that caught  my attention recently was a  Throwback Thursday post on SilverDrop’s Toybox. In this post Silverdrop asks Silver Hubby to discuss “the ankle grab”. This immediately sparked a response as the ankle grab was a manoeuver favored by Ryan back in the days when we played Hunter. So I read the brief post with a good deal of interest. There were two images included that I found especially appealing – lovely feet Silverdrop! And this:  If I grab both your ankles the usual result is you a wet and willing wench and me with an erection that is so hard it hurts. Thanks folks the post was brief but hot!
Maybe this is why I like tight laced up ankle boots too.

Floss#Proudtobekinky posted an article on Friday relating to Sensual Domination. Femdom Friday: Sensual Domination is valid This was very useful in helping me get my head around the issues.

IMG_3001 (2)

As I was preparing for a photoshoot this weekend I went to the local antique market looking for some costume accessories for a vaguely steam punk/Victorian erotica outfit I have in mind. (Don’t fret you will get to see it).

It may have been the memory of Jaime Mortimer’s Library of Depravity post with all it’s wonderful curio’s, (serious library envy here and I’m not the only one) but a gorgeous Edwardian wardrobe sang siren songs to me the whole time I was there. Unfortunately I have no where to put it, even if I could afford it. But I did buy some red boots…



2 thoughts on “#SoSS – Erotic Triggers

  1. Self-discovery is an ever-evolving process. Learning new things about your own likes/dislikes / tastes/turn-ons is an oft-meandering journey, filled with endlessly fascinating possibility. I love that you are deliberately testing your footing along some new pathways as you newly explore. 🙂

    {And your new boots are fab.}

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    • Thanks Feve, I really appreciate the feedback. Taking my new boots out for a steampunk/Victorian photoshoot today if my photographer is able to make it. Doing these photoshoots is definitely part of the journey too! Indie x


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