Trapped in Frames


I took some photos the other day with the intention of showing of my new botanical undies. I was playing around with including my mannequin in the shot when Her Highness wandered in to see what I was doing about dinner…

Looking at the shot later I loved the complexity of the image, and the idea that we three “females” are all trapped in our various frames of reference…

Sinful Sunday


43 thoughts on “Trapped in Frames

    • Thanks Jo, it does seem to have symbolic meaning I think. As for the mannequin this one is a relatively new purchase and the first “true” mannequin I’ve bought. But I have several other headless dressmakers models which I use to display some of vintage and/or costume pieces. I bought her at a local antiques and second hand market. xx

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        • It’s the trade off I think. I often have travel envy reading and seeing SS and indeed your adventurous activities. I used to draw and exhibit vintage clothing as a metaphor for my own aging (charcoal mainly), it’s fun to have a means of displaying some of the old and newer items I have. But it can be disconcerting to go into a room in the middle of the night and encounter her unexpectedly. I move her around a bit depending on what I’m photographing/playing with. Enjoying her while I can, may be taking on a semi-nomadic lifestyle in a year or two myself.

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          • Yes! With a sense of the sinister/menace rather than blood and guts horror… I often take photos of mannequins in situ in the markets. I took a photo of a child mannequin which was on the same stall as mine. Mannequin was only head and torso, but laughing – very creepy…

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          • I’ve always been super creeped out by mannequins, but in a fun way. My dad told us that if we ever got locked in the mall at night, the mannequins would come to life and turn us into mannequins! He was a great storyteller. 🙂

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    • She’s an exhibitionist who doesn’t get out as much as she’d like to, can be bribed with dark chocolate, likes men with camera’s, being tied up and an occasional spanking. He name is a mystery. Annoyingly she’s around a foot taller than me, half my size, and a little rigid at times… What more do you want to know?

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    • Thanks K – glad you appreciate. I’m happier playing with mirrors than snow – lovely crazy woman – thats taking temperature play to a new level i think.


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