Game of…?


Photographer Sara A. 2018. With permission

Here’s a poem I wrote a little while ago after a fun afternoon playing card games and engaging in a photoshoot with two photographers, one a dear friend of long standing, the other an intriguing unknown at that point.  As suggested in the poem below, and mentioned in other posts since, that afternoon has led to some fascinating creative collaborations and brought considerable pleasure and renewed optimism to my life, eleven months after Mum passed away. I’ve been having a lovely time modelling again. Playing and planning dress ups/undressing while exploring a new friendship and artistic collaboration which is slowly developing between a couple of kinky people on either side of a camera.

The photo above was taken by long term friend and artistic collaborator Sara, who was feeling a little better that day than she was a while ago. Certainly well enough to become involved in some sexy but not very risque photography in a fairly public tourist spot with her two small children in tow. Although the appearance of a red chiffon scarf did liven up proceedings somewhat. I suspect this might be dubbed Bondage – extra light, but hey it’s the thought that counts!


Game of…?

Did I read too much

in yr offhand comment?


Maybe the card game was all you meant…

Took your stated preference for ‘the countess’

-“princesses are boring”; too seriously.

But I coupled it with your attentiveness

as you helped me play my hand.


So I played my hand too, a cautiously emboldened text.

You replied.


Damn it felt good

To feel a thread

of possibility.


This post features the prompt for Wicked Wednesday #302 Games. To see who else is playing games this week you know what to do!


15 thoughts on “Game of…?

  1. First of all I’m glad you are feeling better and I send my sincere condolences on the loss of your mom.
    You look lovely in the photo, I love your gorgeous white/silver hair. I really enjoyed the word play in your poem too!
    Kat x

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  2. Glad Sara is feeling better. I liked this photo, love stripes, and my attention wasn’t drawn to the switch, nor the scarf, but more to what was between. Interesting thought of two photographers, one not known to you, that could be fun. I liked your poem and the very first part… so true… how many times do we misconstrue?

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    • Thank you, on both counts. I can only write this sort of poetry when there is an unresolved erotic connection – I’ve got to get my pleasure somewhere. Looks like I’ll be writing poetry for a while….


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