TMI Tuesday – March 13

IMG_3018crop1. Do you have a special place you like to have sex regularly?
I’m not having sex with anyone but myself at the moment, and my sexual encounters are therefore conducted for convenience in fairly mundane surroundings (usually in my bed). I do like to have outdoor sex, but haven’t thought about any likely places for that to occur, but now that you’ve brought it up maybe I should pack some toys and lube and take myself on an outdoor play date… Thanks for the inspiration!

I always wanted to have a bed made out of unhewn tree branches with Jasmine growing up it but I bought bunches of Jasmine for a sexual encounter last year and had to put them outside – the perfume was way too strong. But an outside bed hung with a mosquito net canopy would make a fine addition at the Oasis (my studio space), I could lay and watch the stars during and then after I am done.

2. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? The scariest?
Hardest/Scariest:  Tell my second husband Paolo that I no longer loved him and that I was leaving him for another man. I told my daughter I had no idea what he might do, fearing he might kill me. He cried.
This is also qualifies as the shittiest, (though there are several other contenders)… It took me a long time to like myself again after that. Thankfully he found another love and had a lot of happiness with her.

3. Are you annoying?
Possibly, it depends on what makes people annoyed I guess. I can be persistent which is both a useful and an annoying characteristic.

4. A person whom you’ve had “the hots” for a very long time tells you they are super attracted to you. You spend a few hours together and the sexual attraction is overwhelming. You are dying to have this person as your lover. At the moment you are highly aroused, and he/she wants to have sex with you in a church, would you do it?
I’m not at all worried about the sanctity aspect, but I wouldn’t like to tread all over other people’s sensibilities and values either. I’ve done it in a graveyard before, but wouldn’t now because as someone who is involved in family history I see this as potentially disrespectful for the families if they found out. (If it was my grave – go for it kids!) So probably not.

5. While in the middle of the best lovemaking of your life, if your lover asked you to squeal like a dolphin, would you?
Provided they were using my tentacle dildos on me… (or I could use them on them)…

Bonus: Are you good in bed?
God what a loaded subjective question! But my tulip vibe, my clitstim and my B-vibe haven’t complained… Come to think of it neither have my tentacles…

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4 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – March 13

  1. that unhewn jasmine bed sounds intoxicating as well as smells so, you paint such a lovely picture of it. graveyard sex has long been on my list but I fear by the time I get around to it i’ll be in the graveyard for real. tentacle dildo, I think I saw that once in an anime…

    HTMIT, Indi!

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    • Thanks Late Phoenix. My big problem with the bed is the neighbours! I haven’t written up my instance of graveyard sex yet so look out for it. As for the tentacles often my imagination is far more lurid than my capacity to engage… If you look at my February Photo Fest postings, you will see my tentacle friend, gathering dust on my windowsill where it acts as weird sculpture…
      Thanks for the feedback!


  2. I once jacked off in a forest when I was a teen. There was huge tree that had fallen down, so I straddled it (naked). The sensation of feeling the bark on my legs/ass was amazing.

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