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This roundup has been written by Julie from Masters Pleasing Bitch and @MPBjulie. Julie kindly volunteered to take on that role this month, which was greatly appreciated. She’s also suggested a prompt for next month, which is perfect! (Spoilers) Thanks Julie!

The theme for Art Twist #3 is the painting Danaë by Gustav Klimt. I have been interested in Klimt’s work since reading a novel – The Painted Kiss, by Elizabeth Hickey – in which he features. Interestingly there were some age related consent issues in the book. Though these are more implied than clearly stated.

Different consent concerns have been highlighted about the story on which the painting is based. While imprisoned in a tower of bronze, by her father, the king of Argos, Danaë is visited by Zeus. This is obviously much more than a ‘visit’ as symbolised by the golden rain flowing from between Danaë’s legs and the apparent arousal seen on her face.

Notwithstanding the issue of whether Danaë could have consented to this act, I personally find the painting very erotic and love the hall mark gold, featured in this and many works by Klimt.

Unfortunately, due to my blog disappearing off the face of the earth (or WWW) during the submission period, I wasn’t able to participate. However I have to admit I am not sure I could have matched the standard of the entries submitted.

There were 6 entries for Art Twist #3 and 1 for Art Twist #2 to review:

1. The God’s Receptacle by Malflic – This striking image of what appears to be Catherine wheels of light protruding from a chair seemed mystifying. The header image of a plant had me equally puzzled. But thankfully, in a further and very in-depth post Malflic has explained everything to us. I have to admit I am still struggling to articulate it’s meaning other than to say that it relates to god, religion and anti-religion. Also to the way in which woman is used as a receptacle for the seed of man or perhaps god. So I urge you to go check it out for yourself.
2. Lixie’s Representation, Playing Danaë is a beautiful image that could have been drawn or painted. I know though it is an edited photograph. The accompanying words place this photo and that of Danaë into striking context. I am thankful for this post, as it has introduced me to a new and wonderful blogger. I urge you to go read more of what Lixie has to say.

3. Golden Years by Indigo is a beautiful image taken by her friend Sara. In the photo Indie is recumbent in a golden cornfield, the rays of the sun appearing to exude from and around her. I have loved Indie’s images this past winter (her summer) as they portray long, light days. This is no exception and I particularly love the way in which the sunlight highlights Indies face and hair.

4. Molten stream by Cammies on the Floor an image of such beautiful hyper arousal that even though it is not in colour provides the impression of golden light shooting from her body. We can imagine a look of ecstasy on her face such as that seen in Klimt’s painting.

5. Claret by May More from Ifsexmatters and @more_matters this is an exquisite, layered image that captures Danaë with skill and imagination. The central figure is surrounded by a swirling claret cloud that suggests the interaction between the woman and the God along with the swirl of her emotion.

6. My prerogative, my choice by Mrs Fever a beautifully edited image that demonstrates her golden, star lit body in all of its wonderful beauty. As the title of this post suggests, Mrs Fever rightly raises issues of non-consent that are evident in the story of Zeus ‘visiting’ Danaë.

Bosom Buddies by Elliot Henry is an entry for Art Twist #2. Elliot takes great pleasure in his interaction with his blogging friends as shown in this great image. They are companions on a journey, just as the two women on the train are.


Eds Note: My apologies for the accidental omission of May More’s entry in the first draft. The commentary is mine.

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