#ArtTwist3 Roundup – Addendum & Apologies

My apologies to May More from ifsexmatters and @more_matters for the omission of her entry in #ArtTwist3 Roundup. I should have double checked the entry before posting, however I was caught up in a swirling cloud of my own after my teaching stint, then a 5km walk followed by a delicious vege dinner cooked by my photographer friend. By the time I completed last nights post I was having micro-sleeps above the computer.

You can find the link to May’s beautiful and evocative work Claret below, along with my commentary.

 Claret by May More from Ifsexmatters and @more_matters this is an exquisite, layered image that captures Danaë with skill and imagination. The central figure is surrounded by a swirling claret cloud that suggests the interaction between the woman and the God along with the swirl of her emotion.

I’d just like to wish all the lovely #ArtTwist contributers and followers especially May a FAN-FUCKING-TASIC  #Eroticon!

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