Absorbed in pleasure


A perfect day for our river photoshoot, conducted to reflect the theme of Susanna and the Elders for #ArtTwist4. There were no Elders in sight, but an elderly couple and their dogs, plus a couple on a motorbike arrived and left in the early stages of the shoot, before any clothing was shed.

The water was cold but not so cold it wasn’t pleasurable. The creative partnership seems to be working well. Perhaps because my naughty photographer Craig M. was encouraging me to think about tentacles on a regular basis!

arttwistf (5)


Sinful Sunday

43 thoughts on “Absorbed in pleasure

  1. Bravo, Indie ! You and your photographer have really attained some biblical air. And, btw, I do love the gown (or whatever you call it in English) you wear here… It’s delicate and exquisite; I wish I had one alike 🙂

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  2. Hiii :)) This is just sweet of you – the mere purpose is ! 💜 ✨ Love you.
    Since sizes vary so much across countries and different manufactures, I give you my basic measures right now (in inches): High: 5′ 9″ – Bust: 39″ – Hips: 39″ – Shoulders width: 17.5″
    I hope this helps.

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    • Thanks Mal. I looked at some of the others either side of this and thought that must be what I look like when I come… It was such a sexy photoshoot, and the perfect location, but my photographer was deliberately trying to provoke me (and succeeding…


  3. This is beautiful. The shot has captured the freshness of you and the water so well. Fabulous mix of the pure/clean and the sexual together, and an image I want to keep going back to for another glance.
    Missy x

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    • Thanks Cammies it is a relatively secluded spot though clearly more popular than it used to be. But only one way in so people seeing another car generally back off. And this was as naked as it got! Xx

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    • Thanks Molly! I think you’ve had quite a lot to keep you occupied! Of course I’d love to have your contributions! Congrats on what appears by all accounts to have been a fabulous Eroticon. Indie x


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