Lens flare

lens flare1


Fast paced snap whir

I move as you direct, feeding on your attention

– held hard in check

behind that impossible cock of a lens.

Long and thick and dauntingly heavy.


Feeding too on your pornstar voice, urging me to think of tentacles.

You know damn well its not tentacles I’m craving –

but rather the lens flare of your attention

rocketing through my core…




The original main photo was overexposed, but it captures something of the sense of interactive mischief that is building as our creative partnership and my own kinky self awareness develops. Therefore, given the title of the poem, and the prompt for this week, I thought some ipiccy filters might enhance the concept. I also like the idea that the photos could have been taken in the seventies, they have a similar feel to many of my old photographs…
Unrequited lust can make you miserable, especially if you don’t discuss it. In the 1980’s I had a very bad unexpressed case of it, only resolved by the embarrassing intervention of my housemate. The intervention broke the stalemate but killed the vibration. Still it freed me to move on to new and better things…

Unrequited lust can make you miserable, but it can also be a topic for frank discussion and the creation of a deliciously naughty collaborative energy.
No misery here…


To see who else is disrobing by the river click on the link below:







13 thoughts on “Lens flare

    • Thanks John, as always I appreciate your feedback. It was a wonderful day for both of us, and a strong step in consolidating our artistic collaboration. Tentacles aside we were both smiling a lot…

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  1. Indie ! πŸ’œ What a lovely and classy posing! You look really juvenile -even childlike- with this braid, this welcoming smile in your eyes… I’ve seen your snowy-silvery hair very well in a previous picture and I think is really sexy. (Maybe your hair trigger comes from the deep self-esteem and self attaction that must bring having this wonderful hair? — Kisses !

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    • The braid is actually a hair piece, my real hair is just below my shoulders, maybe a little longer than yours. But I used to have very very short hair once too – like a boy. Thanks for your generous comments. I agree there is something very young about this picture. Kisses to you too my dear.

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  2. My hair is much shorter now… I cut it at neck level and dyed it pitch-black, and straightened like a Japanese girl :)) I do not like it much, and I’ve not wanted to show it on my blog except once or twice, but nobody looked or got interested.
    Kisses back !
    (I think girls with hair really short, like a boy, look very cute. I just can’t do it because I look plainly a man and I hate me

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    • Sorry to hear you hating the way you look. I tend to cut my hair in moments of massive emotional change and when I don’t want to be regarded within a certain sexual framework. Complex creatures aren’t we…

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      • Exactly. I cut my hair out of disappointment and frustration. And to leave a record of it in my person. Other wonen cut their skin or their veins, but the man who hurt me did not deserve such deep wounds (not even my hair, but I am childdish sometimes πŸ™‚ But, said so, I do not hate the way I look.

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  3. I think the conversation is always worth having, but some of the worst longing I’ve ever had has been for unrequited love. While the anticipation and what-if can be intoxicating, it can also make you crazy…or at least, that’s what it does to me. I’d much rather have the out-in-the-open, let’s talk about it kind of thing. πŸ™‚

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    • Oh I’ve kind of done that, but it’s clear he’s not ready to dive into those scary waters any time soon – if ever. It’s not love, too soon for anything to develop, but lust in spades… It does make me crazy, but it’s also rather delicious. Not something I expected would happen ever again… but its lovely that it has. And meantime our artistic collaboration is wonderful. πŸ™‚

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