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When I opened my reader the first thing I saw was a hot post by Lascivious Lucy Kinky Thoughts Fishnets Being a little hazy at the moment I immediately thought ah! I now have my mental prompt for this weeks #SoSS. Then when I scrolled down to Wriggly Kitty’s post Under Wraps the penny dropped and I realised that #KinkoftheWeek and #FoodforThoughtFriday both had garment related prompts.

So what is woman to do? The obvious of course. What you have here is my response to both prompts combined with a series of hot blog posts by other bloggers to meet my sharing of sexy shit quota #SoSS.

First off my response to FFTF:

What do you wear when you want to feel sexy/desirable?

What is the sexiest thing a member of the opposite sex can wear?

What, if anything, is that one item of clothing/footwear that really does it for you?

I missed last weeks #SoSS, life has been hectic workwise, and I’m in a bit of an erotic haze still after the fabulous photoshoot from last week. Part of the reason for feeling in such a constant state of arousal stems from the wearing of my black corset for the first time. I’ve discovered how good it feels to have that garment pulled firmly around my body, and I’ve actually been wearing it at home all day today because it feels a bit like being hugged tightly and that’s something I crave at the moment… So technically that’s the answer to the one garment that does it for me… (Though I do love my blue boots…)

Like many other women I have the suit porn thing going on. And although I immediately thought of Kilted Wookie and his post Suit Porn? ย  I checked back for an earlier image of his that I loved the first time I saw it – Business (Un)dress. While I appreciate the humour and sexiness of his “cock shots” I adore the contrast between his suit and bare (?) chest even more. Why? Because I love contrast. I also adore the idea of “unpeeling” a man’s deceptively buttoned up sartorial splendor, and discovering for myself what is hidden underneath… (Fans herself vigorously!!!)

Now I have to confess to being a slow adaptor of the fishnet phenomenon. Boots are often the thing that makes me feel sexy – perhaps because they make me a little taller and because I feel more in charge. But the sexiest thing is putting on a pair of boy shorts because I always feel like I might be open to a stealthy finger or two – (usually my own) – sliding under the leg opening to seek out my wetness.

But back to #SoSS now.

Another blogger who clearly has a passion for clothing is Li or Lixie. Lixie frequently posts fashion articles with a focus on what works for her as a femboy. If you don’t know her work visit her here. During the week we had a friendly exchange regarding the delightfulness of the white garment I was wearing when I played Susanna for #ArtTwist4. Since she is quite a lot taller than I am and of a slender build – “lithe” as John Brownstone convincing puts it, we agreed she’ll look gorgeous in a similar outfit, so hopefully she’ll model it for us when her present arrives.

Speaking of presents it was Clear-eyed Girl’s birthday last week and she kindly gave us a present in the form of a couple of lovely images of her wearing pastis she snaffled at Eroticon. The stickons and her boobs look fabulous, with and without the blue bra! Happy birthday again Eye!

Still on the theme of Eroticon, I had minor palpations when I spotted Jadis of Tits and Testubes in her fabulous orange knickers and Puffin skirt in last weeks #Sinful Sunday post Utter Fucking Happiness. Thanks also goes to Exhibit A for the fantastic photo.




12 thoughts on “#SoSS – sexy clothing

  1. I deeply thank you, again, for your great kindness toward me, your compliments and good-heartedness. Not only I do appreciate it much, but it touches me.
    I truly liked that white pristine garment, and yes, I look forward to trying it on ๐Ÿ™‚ and sharing some pics if I pass the test of the full-sized mirror while wearing it. LOL. (I come from a life of many changes and, usually, of dressing casually, cheaply and mixing clothes and colours in a somewhat teen-like way… A long white robe will be absolutely new for me; maybe an ordeal –especially wearing it publicly.
    As for your black corset and fishnet stockings, you rock them; your blond hair and big breasts go perfectly with them, and they sincerely inspire me to try, some day, a similar outfit (the fishnets –fishnet pantyhose, mostly– are old acquaintances of mine, despite they are very delicate and difficult to keep in good shape for long).
    Big warm hugs and best wishes ๐Ÿ’œ

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    • I’ve been buying clothes just for photoshoots. If you don’t want to wear the white dress in public, then maybe keep it to take some special photos in if you like it. I wished I’d had a way to photograph my outfit more effectively its very grainy on the iphone… I am happy to have a big warm hug right now, thank you. oox

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      • I will wear the dress, just as I explain in a private email – daringly :))
        You may take as many big warm tight hugs as you need from me ๐Ÿ’ โœจ I have few resources nowadays, but hugs and kisses are free and I may give many to my friends. Hundreds.

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    • I have a “thunder shirt” for my dog who gets anxious during storms. And then there are babies wrapped in swaddling clothes. I think that firm constriction is something many of us crave. And of course it translates perfectly into kink…


  2. You look so gorgeous in that photo. I love corsets and have a number of them, but havenโ€™t worn them lately. I need to find more occasions for them as they are wonderful for the reason youโ€™ve mentioned

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  3. Thanks for sharing. Some excellent posts in your round-up. It’s always a bit of a coincidence when different memes follow similar paths, but a little bit of cross-posting publicity goes a long way… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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