New Things?


“We are just pieces searching for other pieces, and together we become new things. I wouldn’t say, “whole,” because we can be whole on our own. We don’t need others to “complete” us. But others can bring out of us the things we need most to feel and know.”
Brigit Delany Chatting, Cheating and Catharsis 21/03/2018 (Used with permission)

Wise words from Brigit: I’m certainly feeling like a piece searching for a way to become a new thing.
I haven’t encountered the me that’s alive and dripping with energy and eroticism for a long time, and certainly never in the form it’s currently manifesting. My creative collaboration with both my photographers is amazing, and life enhancing, but scary too. I’m already scrabbling, frightened, like a rat in a trap. Too many bad experiences, too much pain (not just my own), and way too much self initiated stupidity in my past all connected in some way to my sexuality.

What can go wrong? It’s only a photoshoot. But it’s rapidly moving into territory where I feel vulnerable because it relates to exploring desire – mine not anyone else’s.

To return to the sadness, mundanity and futility of the old thing would be a living death, and I’ve wasted too many years on that game already. With this in mind I’ve finally joined Fetlife and I’m also in the process of booking a rope play workshop.

Another day and another phone image, but I’m quite liking the grunge look in this shot.


To see who else is behind or in front of a camera you know what to do…

Sinful Sunday


32 thoughts on “New Things?

  1. what happens to you, that physical and psychological shift, and uplift of the libido seem to me similar to experiences lived by persons close to me (of different ages, but equal sensibility). I can’t talk of them here, but my overall feeling resumes in this: go for it and live it, whatever it results and wherever it leads you, because afterwards, all the rest will be silent, darker and extremely different. I feel it not far-away as well as you, and love looks the only valid support at that difficult stage. (I’m sorry if I sound cryptic. I’m just hyper-sensible and very tired too out of insomnia).

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    • Of the joys of insomnia, I know them well. The contrast between the euphoria of the photoshoot and the scared rabbit stupidity of mid-week could not have been more marked. I hate it when I second guess myself. When armadillo’s like each other it all becomes too hard…

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  2. Well done for the signups – and yes wise words from Bridgit – it is often another person who will teach us how to be our true selves xx

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