#ArtTwist5 – The Swing


The Swing (L’Escarpolette) by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1767)

Huge thanks to Julie from @MPBjulie for not only suggesting this fabulous Rococco work, but taking the time and trouble to go the the Wallace Collection and photograph it in situ.  That’s dedication to a meme! Thanks again Julie…

She also bought a postcard and photographed it, however for technical reasons I’ve gone with a download from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is surprising brief on this “frivolous” work, which is packed with symbolic detail, including not only the saucy woman on the swing but two men one behind pulling the swing with ropes, the other below getting an eyeful up her voluminous skirts. From the expression on her face, I’m fairly sure she knows he’s down there. Apparently the older chap at the back is unaware.
While we might be tempted to think that this is her husband, apparently the work was originally commissioned by a courtier and the woman was his mistress.  The fellow behind was also supposed to have originally been a bishop, which perhaps suggests a rather bold nose thumbing to religious and moral sensibilities, however Fragonard chose to paint a “layman”.
Painted by Jean-Honoré Fragonard in 1767 the work is one of his better known paintings. The artist fell into obscurity following the French Revolution and the killing or exile of many of his patrons. Needless to say the work is a snapshot of the charm and courtly excess of French nobility.
So m’dears what excesses do you intend to charm us with this time around in #ArtTwist5?
Certainly there is scope for couples or a threesome to co-operate in restaging a version of this work. And while we know non-consensual upskirting is not appropriate, the main couple in this work appear to be quite happily staging a little show for each other… I wonder what is happening in those delicious breeches of the young chap in the bushes.
Finally I’m sure more than a few of you have access to swings of slightly more… ahem… utilitarian purposes…
I’ll leave it up to your delightfully kinky minds to think of other possibilities, and come play #ArtTwist5 – link is open next Thursday 5th April. Going through until 19th April.
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14 thoughts on “#ArtTwist5 – The Swing

  1. Very thoughtful and instructive comment on a painting that had never interested me in any aspect aside of the obvious technical competence by the painter. Now I have observed it with better attention and have noticed the flying heeled slipper up in the air (and perhaps going to fall over the voyeur’s head ?)
    I won’t probably make a contribution this time. I have the idea, the setting (a public park usually deserted at certain hours, with a pair of bright red swings), the right skirt and even the right mules to make fly away, but I lack a photographer now –at least one I rely enough to let them shoot under my skirts 🙂

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    • I fully comprehend if I can’t get someone to shoot I’m going to just do my legs and feet plus some frilly skirt using video and get stills off that or maybe I’ll find some breeches and get my silicone cock out…xx


      • Hahaha 🙂 Good ideas !! You’ve made me think of something I could do and photograph by my own means. Or perhaps even take a video like you say. I just wish I were more calm and could sleep better.

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