#ArtTwist4 – Roundup


#ArtTwist4 Pompeo Batoni Lucca (Susanna and the Elders

This months prompt “Susanna”, suggested by the fabulous May Moore from @more_matters and SexMatters drew five entries. Given that kinky folk were highly preoccupied with #Eroticon2018, and the #SmutMarathon I think this was a very respectable (!) turnout.

The entries were kicked off very promptly by a beautiful smiling Lixie photographed in the bath by her ‘elder’ partner. In the post Having a Bath Before Being Twice Taken Lixie provides a thought provoking challenge to the elders while taking a different approach to the outcome than Susanna. She posits 3 scenarios – all of which may have been a religious/moral challenge to the predatory men given her femboy status. This is a very clever intellectual response to the conundrum posed by Susanna’s story, and will repay a close reading of her response.

The second entry, my own, entitled Absorbed in Pleasure, was photographed by Craig M. and features myself, Indigo in a river bathing. Relatively chaste, in that I am wearing a chemise (perhaps a biblical version of a wet t-shirt?), I am nevertheless, not at all in a chaste state of mind after a highly arousing erotic photoshoot. No elders in sight, but an elderly couple and their two dogs, a couple on a motorcycle and someone in a tow truck all appeared in the early part of the shoot but left us in peace in the latter half which is when this shot was taken.

Julie from @MPBjulie and Masters Pleasing Bitch posted a double photo set of herself and her Master entitled He Leads Me Astray.  Photographed in the blue water of a spa of the hotel where they were staying, Julie as Susanna looks deliciously and decidedly unchaste but devoted to her Master. Perhaps Susanna had a similar and special relationship with her partner too. Certainly it’s not the elders in the story leading her astray so wonderfully.

Malflic from @malflic has been contributing challenging, thought provoking and stimulating images to ArtTwist since it’s inception, and his response to this months prompt The Elder Harlot is no exception. In a carefully posed image, Mal highlights the monetary transaction offered to Susanna in the biblical story, posing a question about the nature of the harlot. We are left to wonder whether this is self-referential or a questioning of Susanna’s motives, especially as Mal includes both the pointed lyrics and a YouTube clip by Nickleback in his post.

This prompt saw a new player join the meme – Quiller Costello from beHephaestus with his excellent tale The Mermaid of King’s Cross. The restlessness of the solitary figure turning to the water for solace and finding a new/old story and a vastly new sensations…
I am in awe of the gusto and power of Quill’s writing (and his drawing) and can say no more than go look at his blog for your self!

Thanks to all our fine participants, I hope you will grace us with your presence once more when #ArtTwist5 goes live…