Great T(w)its or the Byrd in the bush


As you know, while published images often may appear seamless and perfect, the end result is often one of many, many images (700+ on Friday) a good percentage of which end in the trash. The remainder may benefit from filters or Photoshop. Ideas which seemed genius in the planning are mediocre in execution, and the unexpected often occurs.

I had planned my entry for this months Sinful Sunday prompt – Humor, around the little image of the Great Tits featured in the top photo. It was given to me some years ago by my late brother, J – a fellow kinkster with his own twisted sense of humor. I had a small collection of bird related props including some nests, feather boa and two vicious bird shaped pegs that I sometimes use on my nipples. And  I even bought some small Easter eggs on a whim, pulled out a blue lacy body stocking and the faithful boots and tootled off to Craig M’s house for a studio based photoshoot.

Undertaking the shoot in the studio was…. interesting, especially since the cat was in a very curious and playful mood and insisted on co-starring. The little print looked ok but the words were too small thus depriving me of my punchline, and my tits were not exactly co-operating either.

In the meantime Craig had sussed out the neighbours and discovered they would be out for an hour or so, so we dashed up into the backyard and found a conveniently placed pine tree which formed a little hide, except the photographer was outside and the Byrd inside.

laugh words.jpg

The usual sincitement via hot button words occurred and although I had taken care of business beforehand in order to not be overwhelmingly alive with sexual energy in the small studio space, a lot of sexy banter occurred.

It was a successful shoot which yielded little in the way of a suitable image for the #SinfulSunday prompt – Humor.  So I’ve given you two photographs including one that failed to meet the original nest idea but certainly suggests the good humor and pleasure we had doing the work.

To see who else is giggling their way through Easter and the Sinful Sunday Humor prompt click on the lips to be taken to a new and exciting place full of grins, giggles and good company…

Sinful Sunday


39 thoughts on “Great T(w)its or the Byrd in the bush

    • Thanks Molly. The shoot definitely appealed to my sense of the ridiculous. And I didn’t mind at all that C had to lie at my feet to get the shots this time….


    • Thanks Elliot, I’ve passed on your congrats to Craig. I imagine J is laughing up a storm that his apparently vanilla sister is embracing her kink, after all these years! xx


    • Well actually it was a success, just didn’t quite get what I had in mind, but did get some more beautiful photos, and dinner (again) and great conversation… xx


    • Thanks K I do too. As you will notice I’m also getting bolder in posting facial images – this would not have been possible without the laughter. And when I photograph myself I’m always so damn serious…


    • Thanks lovely, much appreciated. I felt pretty incredible. Part of the buzz was getting the photoshoot done before the neighbours returned. Somehow C. was able to find out exactly how long they would be gone for – even had a timer set – lol. I always try to look sexy then he says something – usually naughty – which starts me smiling and before I know it – voila! He’s a clever and devious man. lol!


  1. Wow, that shot of you laughing is so raw and real. I don’t know if I have any words that do the beauty in that image justice.

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    • Thanks Rebel. I used to find my laughing even smiling uncomfortable. I’ve had dentures since I was 18 (long story) and I would sometimes avoid laughing because of it. But as you know life and caring for another has a way of showing you the mirror of your own self-consciousness and ego and bringing you out of that headspace. Indie xx


  2. This is just absolutely stunning! Clearly a very talented photographer. The visible happiness in your face lights this photo up so much! You look amazing and this really has made me happy just seeing it!
    Aurora x

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    • Thanks sweet! What lovely feedback!
      I was going through some of the other pics and there are a couple that look a little like you. I will dm them later for a laugh. Xx


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