Hot Buttons #1 – Laughter

Up until this morning I was still deciding whether I could do the #30DayOrgasmFun challenge.

I still find it strange and wonderful that there have been no shortage of orgasms in my life in the last 11 and half months, but I know now the power of orgasm to make me feel good and to ground me. In the last couple of weeks the count has mounted even higher as I contemplate forthcoming events  and ongoing possibilities in my life. But readers familiar with my earliest posts will know that there were none for some time before that. I had planned to recreate the zucchini incident for my first entry, but I’ll leave you to look at the original post instead.

Then I thought I’d post the glorious Goddess/slave fantasy I had on the way to the Rope workshop yesterday, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s Hot Button entry because it will also fit with Masturbation Monday.

So instead you have a repeat of the photograph I posted for Sinful Sunday prompt Humor : Great T(w)its or the Byrd in the Bush and the other I posted for Wicked Wednesday: Nachos and Strawberries last week in which I’m not masturbating but laughing at some ridiculous or naughty thing one of my photographers said as we were shooting. My capacity for laughter and joy had been seriously impaired for a very long time until I started doing the photoshoots with both Sara (again) and Craig. They have given me colour and light and the capacity and courage to laugh at myself as I head toward my 65th birthday in a few months time, passing the anniversaries of my Dad, Mum and only brothers’ deaths along the way.

While I don’t masturbate when thinking about Sara I greatly appreciate her capacity to bring joy into my life. As one of my oldest friends we have witnessed each others highs and lows and been there as much as we could for each other for a long time now. Sara, Craig and myself together and individually are all caught up in the struggle to make some sense of our lives in the madness of the early 21st century, in the aftermath of failed relationships, death, financial struggles and insane working conditions. Just as they bring joy into my life I hope I bring joy into theirs – because we all need to be able to laugh and feel free of the weight for a while.

Thank you dear ones. This one is for you.


And thanks to the lovely Tabitha Rayne for initiating the challenge…



6 thoughts on “Hot Buttons #1 – Laughter

  1. Aww Indigo this is utterly glorious! 💓💓💓 absolutely delightful shot x x x so glad you’re joining in with the orgasms too 😊

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    • I could have easily written about today’s orgasm, but I like the hot buttons approach and will see where that takes me. Thanks for the opportunity! Can’t send you emoticons my stupid computer doesn’t do them.


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