Her Highness says NO!

IMG_3158 (2)

Womaniser Pro in action… on the couch.

The day started with my usual wake-up investigation. Which is to say running my hands over my body saying hello and seeing whether there is any interest or arousal happening. Slight tingles – nothing more. I massaged myself a little harder but really the Countess is not amused. She’d had too much of a good time the day before.

Around midday I tried again. I’d been reading and rereading yesterday’s little fantasy out loud – much to the cats bemusement and that had woken things up a little.
Gathering my favorite toys from the bathroom sink I headed back to the bedroom for some mental Domme practice and fantasy extension. However sometimes my enthusiasm runs away with me, and the end result was a sore clit, a sore arse, no orgasm and more toys to wash…

Finally around 9.30 in the evening I thought I’d try a change of scenery, and took the toys to the lounge room, turning off the lights as I went. I was definitely in the mood but as soon as I started playing with the Womanizer my clit said NO! Like I said – she was sulking… But I did enjoy the bright red glow and just had to take a photograph or two…




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