Hot Button#3 – Reading Erotica



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Confused by the title and the image? – read on…

I generally find reading erotica considerably more engaging than looking at porn (even really well made porn) or erotic images – with the possible exception of Shunga, and the French version of Lady Chatterley. (This is rather strange for a visual artist I think, but I have been writing since I was a kid, and I learned to read early therefore was a rather precocious reader)…

In light of this I was delighted to be able to do the Masturbation Monday roundup this week. Reading the material on offer was exciting and I found it really, really difficult to stick to 3 selections. However I did have two criteria that helped me in my choices – the concept of “first time” and being drawn into an experience. I suspect the notion of being drawn into an experience is one of the major reasons why I prefer reading to watching – it’s easier to put myself in the place of either the protagonist or a witness when I don’t have a visual in front of me.

The “first times” material on the other hand feeds into another kink of mine. I’ve been privileged to be the first time sexual partner for a number of the men I’ve had sex with – the majority of whom I encountered when I was a much younger woman. And yes a number of them were younger than me, but I do not like the term cougar, for me it’s always about the person or the circumstances. That said, “first time” is a vibe that definitely resonates for me.

I have maybe half a dozen books of (mostly) short stories (including Delta of Venus by Anais Nin) at least half of which involve tentacles or beasts of some sort. While I am no “beauty” I do find myself frequently attracted to the “beast”. I’m enough of a romantic, and I’ve been immersed sufficiently in myth over many years to get off on these sorts of ideas, both in my erotic reading and sometimes to my detriment, in real life.

While I keep my short stories handy near the bed, e-books have been a revelation in my life. I can turn off the lights, turn on the iPad and the vibrator and happily get myself off while inciting myself to riot through my reading. This can be a messy (and disjointed) process although I’m sure I’m not the only one to get lube and other fluids on their device while frantically hunting for the “good bits”…

I didn’t do that yesterday. In fact I didn’t get my mitts anywhere near my body parts (or my iPad yesterday, even though I might have liked to. This was partly because I was driving all over the countryside during the day (to the Oasis and back again via the scenic route) and partly because I had the care of my grandchild overnight until after lunch today (Thursday). I don’t read erotica or masturbate when my boy is around, even though he’s in another room.

He’s on the cusp of puberty and a smart little cookie, so I make a point of being pretty careful around him, while subtly refuting the normative family party line if I think its warranted and I get testy enough. (Like showing him that Grandma keeps condoms in her wallet, when he was complaining about the presence of said items in the male toilets at the airport a while ago). Therefore when we arrived back from our trip I had to make a quick dive into the bathroom to remove about 8 toys which were drying on the sink. However today I did manage to write up the previously mentioned roundup for Kayla, while working on my computer in one end of the living room while the young bloke played computer games at the other.

The trip itself, though productive, was very tiring and stressful. Keeping care in mind I think I may need to veto one day return trips to the Oasis from now on even if it means I miss out on the occasional company of my friends who don’t want to be away from home overnight. I had a scary hallucination due to road conditions coming back from Melbourne after my rope workshop the other weekend, and since we’ve switched back from daylight saving over Easter it gets dark earlier and there are loads of kangaroos around, especially in the north of the state. The wildlife carnage on our northern roads is mind blowing, and ‘roos are big enough and erratic enough to make accidents far more likely.

So I didn’t even bother doing the deed Wednesday night. I don’t mind really, I feel like I need a bit of break from my sexual activities – time to give Her Ladyship a little while to recover and develop enthusiasm again. And time for some more juicy erotica to arrive in my inbox!





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