Hot Buttons#5 – Anal Sex/Glass Toys


My arse is throbbing with the afterburn of sex, and I make a mental note to see roughly how long the sensation lasts. Anal sex is full of sensation for me: the quicksilver threads of arousal as my glass wand teases the entrance; the slight burning as I push slowly past the muscle, the ripples of feeling as the space opens up inside me, the insane clamping as I come.

Depending on the toy (because this is all I have to talk about at present)  there is the pleasure/pain of st-r-e-tc-hing, a delicious fullness, sometimes a pinch or sore spot when I have a bigger toy in my cunt at the same time. I’ve written before about the way I masturbate with 3 toys comparing it to the circus act of plate spinning. My anus now knows and welcomes the smooth cool nudge of glass, opening up to the experience with minimal resistance.

My go-to anal toys are all glass, although one day I plan to introduce metal and stone as well. Few of my glass toys, I confess, are flanged. However I always insert a vaginal toy first – this narrows the area available for anal toys, and I don’t insert my rear toys deeply unless I’m holding on to them, therefore I feel relatively safe. It’s my choice and I’m aware of the risks… If I do get sore spots internally its usually on about the level of my cervix and this tells me that something is quite a bit narrower at that point. Finally my masturbation style means that if one dildo is in motion the other is usually not.

My collection includes at least one tentacle of sorts, several others have a twist. Two of my favorites resemble anal beads. Many are double ended. Some days I want the gentle gradation of the pointed end, on others I favor the – well – bluntness of the blunt knob. The one I use the least is the large, beautiful, curvaceous one made by Glass by Woozy. Here my desire overcame my capacity, although I do sometimes use it vaginally, with squillions of lube. But I don’t regret buying it its a beautiful piece.

Lube is of course essential and I’ve tried a variety. My favorite at the moment is Sliquid Organics Silk, which I use everywhere. (Reviews from My Tickle Trunk and Emmeline Peaches). I tend use liberal amounts of lube, not only because of  its primary function, (especially as I tend to dry out more quickly than in my youth), but also because I find the squelch of a well lubed anus being fucked quite arousing. (Note arousal is the F4TF prompt this time around, but I’ve missed the link tool).

I’ve only recently begun to investigate and appreciate the aural appeal of sex in its many forms, for a great example of this see Morag’s Moist Musings on F4TF this week. perhaps because when having partnered sex so much sound relates to the other person or people – exchanging words, commands, impact, moans, the slickness or friction of skin on skin. This is not to say that I don’t still hear, experience or generate many of these sounds – living alone it is perfectly feasible to maintain a vocal running commentary or verbalised fantasy while I do the deed (more on this tomorrow perhaps). This is a regular feature of my sessions.

Which brings me to this morning: very early this morning, and not so early this morning. For around two hours or so, from midnight until close to 2 am, I kept myself occupied with a range of  my usual toys. This was initially pleasurable, but not orgasmic and ultimately felt like I was trying too hard, becoming a bit numb. This morning after 8 and after I’d fed my animals I retired to bed again to see if I could sort out “unfinished business”.

An hour and a half later, the Satisfier, my DownUnder Toys Tulip and then my Godimech Adam, (review by Emmeline Peaches here) plus two different glass dildos – my pink tentacle and a long thin twisted number, took me to a blended orgasm and the start of this post…

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