Hot Buttons#6 – Flashing for a lover

In the past I’ve enjoyed flashing for a lover. When the chemistry is flowing and a tease is in order I’m all for it.

Today’s post is doing triple duty – It’s my well overdue image for my own Meme ArtTwist#5 – The Swing by Fragonard. And since I didn’t get to flash for a lover, I’ve flashed for #Sinful Sunday instead – surely M. Fragonard would approve! And while it’s not exactly orgasmic I love the swooping sensation of flying through the air on a playground swing, but i don’t usually do it with my knickers at half mast, so that’s my 30DayOrgasmFun post done too. Because I’m covering 3 posts I thought the least I could do was share an extra image…


#ArtTwist5 Jean-Honore Fragonard The Swing (1767)

Neither of my lovely photographers were available to take footage this week so I had to stage it myself. The original plan was to find a deserted playground, but that didn’t work, then I tried the disc swing under the weeping cherry in my front yard. I found that tricky, due to passing traffic and neighbours and the video on my camera damn near impossible, so finally I staged it in the spare room! Thanks to ipiccy I found a couple of filters I liked, I hope you like them too.

I had a dinner engagement with CM tonight; his helpful bit of advice to me earlier in the day (once he knew what I was up to), was:
“If you wish to get arrested do it early, Saturday night is their busy night…”

Chivalry is not dead – lol!


To see who else favors sex and a swing, or sex on a swing, or swinging – you know what to do…

arttwistf (5)

Just don’t lose your knickers in the playground…


Sinful Sunday


30 thoughts on “Hot Buttons#6 – Flashing for a lover

  1. Enjoyed these images a lot! Yes the flashing is conveyed very well and with the words I can imagine the view someone pushing the swing from the front would have! Woo hoo!

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  2. Both images are fab, but I especially enjoy the one on the right. I love how soft and frilly it is while also being naughty and enticing, which is such a great combination to my mind. πŸ™‚

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  3. I love how you have captured the billow whiteness of the skirt. I actually have an image for this prompt and will try to post it at some point next week. I am excited to finally join in


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    • Thanks love, much appreciated. I’ll have to get more inventive – for a while at least – both my photographers have gone to ground. x


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