Hot Buttons#7 Creativity


Today I was able to attend a Rope and Drawing session at Splinter in Melbourne. We were fortunate to have Rigger Extatis and Model Jarrod working for us. It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to draw Shibari up close and personal and I had a brilliant day. My artists eye and my kink sensibilities both had a fabulous workout. While I was trying to work out how to draw a pose, I was also looking at the emotions, and positions and the rope placement  thinking, OMG I have to do that to someone/experience that done to me – soon…

I’m fairly rusty but the session rekindled some of my passion for drawing, and gave me an even greater desire to take part in Rope Play myself – on both sides of the slash. Sara was going to be my play partner, but as you know she’s unwell (yes still – awaiting more info ATM). We have been creative collaborators for nearly 20 years so she’s worth waiting for.

Which brings me to the point of today’s post – creativity as a Hot Button. One of the many reasons I love hanging round with you on-line kinky folk  is because you are all so wonderfully creative. Regardless of whether it’s blogging, photography, visual arts, writing, podcasting, fashion, woodcarving, sex toy design or Shibari – and regardless of whether we have widely differing aesthetics, we all get it. And having that common language is blissful.

Familiarity allows us to build levels of trust and trust allows us to be more creative and play together more naturally in our various on-line spaces, as well as big events like Eroticon, and more informally, during individual get-togethers when the opportunity presents. When I make my UK trip I hope to be involved in some creative adventures with some of you, its something I would have no hesitation doing.

I’m unlikely to orgasm while we are having creative fun together, but if it’s anything like I’ve experienced in the past I will gain massive energy and pleasure from the process, and this in turn may well translate to other sorts of fun, either alone or with others. Which reminds me….



12 thoughts on “Hot Buttons#7 Creativity

  1. I can do the Shibari, but I can’t do the drawing, so I love it when other people put pencil to paper and create something artistic. I think there is something really sexy about being able to create art. Thank you for sharing this x

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    • Thanks for the feedback.I feel quite rusty but it was brilliant!
      I’m only beginning with the Shibari, but it was a whole new experience at the Jam the other day as artist, as former model and as someone with an emerging passion for rope. I’m sure there will be more to come… x

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  2. I love your drawing! I’d be interested to know where the workshop was, I’d love to come and have a look sometime. It’s great having such an amazing online community, it would be even better to meet some in person.

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