Hot Button#8 – Woof!

This is two posts in one – in the first I talk about my masturbation fantasies – which are all I have in the way of actual sex at the moment, in the second my past experiences/ emerging desires. The former relies on a modified version of doggy style, the latter various doggy style approaches and possibilities I’ve experienced or would like to experience, perhaps in conjunction with my new passion, bondage.

My masturbation fantasies are complex. I’ve mentioned before that I tend to switch during a masturbation session, sometimes several times given that they often go for a couple of hours. What I’m not sure I’ve mentioned before is that when I mentally switch I also change genders. Given that I tend to use vibrators and dildo’s I suppose it makes some sense. So while I might start out with a desire to be penetrated as a woman, by someone who I might have a connection with in real life it eventually becomes a desire to be the one doing the fucking – from an amorphous position of male dominance. (I think the switch starts to occur when I begin topping from the bottom, demanding certain acts).

My fantasies along these lines nearly always involve sex in a chair, couch or bed edge with my dominant male self seated and my submissive female self pinned in a seated reverse cowgirl on my lap. While not technically doggy style it is a rear entry position. (In reality I am on my side with vibes/dildos inserted in both orifices). This position allows me to reach my/her A and G spots, and gives me a intense filled sensation. Often I don’t need to move either toy much, the filthy self talk and the sensation of dominance and submission all at once will send me over the edge. Holding hard onto my imaginary alter’s hips, dangling her or thrusting upward into her with my cock, fucking her arse with the toy and somehow miraculously sucking and fingering her clit (thank you clitstim) all feature as the fantasy unfolds.

Oddly I’m sometimes quite cautious of the traditional doggy style in real life because on occasion my partner has hit the cervix head on or an over-enthusiast cock has caught the skin at the rear of my vaginal entrance. There’s pain and there’s agony…

However I do enjoy a lowered down version of doggy style but with pillows under my hips and a more flattened positioning than the original. With this approach I feel very dominated especially if his arms are hooked under my shoulders so he can impale me more effectively – although it can play havoc with my asthma. I’m not sure how sexy wheezing is, really.

A long, slow, determined fuck with my legs close together increases contact and friction, and provides an opportunity to threaten me with extended play. One of my hot button sentences during masturbation is the threat/promise “I’m gonna take my time and fuck you all night (and there’s nothing you can do about it)”.

Most of my partners have been considerably taller than I am but lately I’ve been wondering how rear entry sex would go with a partner of a similar height, especially when holding onto or handcuffed to a bedhead, or up against a wall. But for now that remains pure speculation.

Spooning is another ballgame and to me generally signals intimacy, slow or deliciously lazy/erotic sex and oral exploration of the sensitive areas of my neck and shoulders as well as the electricity of the “claiming hug”. While I also enjoy the opportunities for my partner to also lay claim to my front in this position, I also want to be able to touch him, and so I find this a little limiting, unless I twist sideways with my legs over his hip – but that’s probably nothing any self respecting doggy would do.

Although of course, finally and deliciously there is also pegging, this enables me to engage in all of the activities mentioned above while stimulating his balls, cock, belly, nipples etc. It allows me the chance to dominate as my female self. Spooning is one of my preferred positions to do this to/with a partner and I think a chest harness would come in very hand here as well. As I move further into rope play I can see fantasies of dominating/pegging/edging him while he is tied coming into my imaginary games.
A woman can dream…

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  1. I find it interesting that you create dual/split roles for yourself while fantasizing and invest in both roles simultaneously.

    I think often, as individuals, we are our own best lovers – we know our own desires and responses, the ins and outs of our own arousal – and are intimate with What Works. We have an imaginative grasp (if not a psychological one) how to get our own selves off.

    I wonder if that plays into your Self-as-both-parties fantasy playout.

    I also find it interesting that you are – in your headspace – experiencing both sides of the D/s slash (manifested as two individual segmented ‘selves’) simultaneously. While I ‘blend’ better than I ‘switch’ (and really, I haven’t switched on my blender in ages, so I hardly qualify as ‘A’ Switch; not anymore), I never feel ‘both’ at the same time. So I find your switchy fantasy perspective to be quite fascinating.

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    • Thanks Feve. the convolutions of our brains and pleasure pathways totally intrigue me as well. I’m certainly coming to know more of what arouses me on a deep level than I ever did while partnered. However my on-going states of arousal are becoming a source of some distress as well – as you will see in my last and final orgasm post.
      While I am completely with you in the kitchen department (my blender is in the cupboard even), I think there is a degree of interpenetration or mushiness around the edges of my switch. I didn’t intend to give the impression that I move rapidly or seamlessly between. Merely that I become conscious of the fact that the inner fantasy and the outer monologue have changed at some point. Sometimes I am aware that something is not working for me and that’s usually signalled by something like the phrase “Now my girl time to sort you out.” usually followed by the deployment of a toy which has brought me to orgasm in the past.


      • I don’t think your description gave the impression of seamlessness so much as separateness, especially with the dichotomy in gender presentation between the two slash-sides.

        I don’t think I was ever a ‘typical’ Switch, in that I don’t/can’t/WON’T ‘scene’, at least not in terms of bottoming. Switching, for me, was not so much mushy-edged as malleable; I could go – in the course of several minutes – from riding him to being flipped under him, to struggling out from underneath, to judo-moves that landed me back on top, seated on his face.

        It was… I dunno… A flow(?) of energy, yin/yang coexisting rather than being separate entities. But while I could find pleasure (‘could’ ~ past tense being key) in the back-and-forth, I have never felt I had a “submissive side” (as it is so often called). Basically, I could Switch somewhat fluidly but was always ALWAYS dominant.

        {I have no idea if that even makes sense. I’ve thought about writing about this for ages, but I don’t know the right words to make people understand.}

        A n y w a y

        All that to say: YES. I agree. Pleasure pathways and neurological arousal routes are fascinating, even though I don’t always understand their ‘why’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        • The always dominant part makes sense to me, certainly regardless of what stage I am at it’s me “giving the orders” as such. Just did a bit of research (lol) and in the language I see around me (bear in mind this is all very new to me in a named, shared sense, despite my adventures with Ryan) I seem to be “topping from the bottom”. Certainly your description of your “athletics” has the ring of the familiar. When i fantasize about CM I am ordering him to do what pleases me, and I desperately want to peg him. When I wrote that entry for TMI Tuesday a while back about holding fast to someone in my head it linked back in my head to the Ballad of Tam Lin We’ve had some interesting but limited conversations that suggest


          • Ah, well… “Topping from the bottom” is most often trotted out as a smack-down for folks who identify/claim-to-be Submissives, but who want to order the supposedly-dominant partner about.


            It’s used by self-identified Doms to put/keep their subs in their place when said subs communicate their needs/wants/desires in any way.

            It’s kind of a negative/condescending bit of verbiage in my opinion.

            I’m not certain if/how (or not) that fits for you.

            For me, the ‘always dominant’ factor is more along the lines of “This back-and-forth only works because we both know I always have the final say.”

            I have ZERO attraction for dominant males. I ‘get’ them, and I can be friends with them. But I’m not attracted to them. (And to be fair, the same is true for me for dominant females.)

            Switchy submissives, on the other hand…

            Oh yes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          • Not enough experience to say about the topping from bottom bit. But like you I do like to feel like I am ultimately in control (to my cost sometimes). Sorry this reply is short I need to do domestic things, but I’ll think on this conversation and get back to you… ๐Ÿ™‚


    • And I just hit the wrong button, hadn’t finished. I am intrigued by how different the approaches are too. The first part where I’m actively fantasizing about a known other (cannot do this with unknowns – i need specific information) is much more role-play in it’s conception and playing out. The dom side is much more generic and relies on catch phrases and a fairly standard script – I hesitate to say its more primal but it’s definitely very direct. I’m delighted to be sharing this discussion with you Feve, your thoughtful perspectives always challenge me to think deeper. Thank you. Indie


  2. I keep hitting the button when I’m halfway through a thought… sorry last one won’t make much sense. Re your idea of writing it I’m happy to correspond via email or google docs and give you direct feedback about how much sense it’s making or bounce off ideas. I’m finding this conversation very pertinent and engaging. But then I appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to explore ideas.


  3. This is really interesting. My fantasies are always with me either being the submissive partner or me being the voyeur to someone being used. I find it so interesting reading about different peoples turn ons etc as we are so varied


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    • Haven’t had my balls kicked – fortunately. I know the cervix hit hurt, totally different to the sensation either side which I adore (at least with my toys) x


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