Turning the tide

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I’ve had a lovely time being a model for my two wonderful photographers, but they’ve both got a lot going on in their lives atm, so our glorious collaboration is on pause. The pleasure of engaging in creative partnerships has reengaged my own creativity once again, and I’m so grateful for it. As a thank you to Craig M. for his beautiful photos, for his generous hugs and just because I appreciate and care for him as a human being, I did a drawing of him and his beloved cats – and my understanding of his need to continue his ongoing journey into whatever the future may hold.

Its not erotica, but  I believe it is erotic, simply because I think I’ve captured something of the essence of the man (and my joy in sharing a magical slice of time with him). I wanted to share it with you (with, of course, his permission). I haven’t been so inspired to draw in a long time, and although my feelings for him were clearly a catalyst, they have cleared a pathway back to my earlier love of drawing. So expect more, maybe on the blog, maybe on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter.

I’ve also cleared space in the spare room to work, although I’d prefer to be working at the Oasis where my larger studio is, I have finally decided that I must make art again wherever I am.

To see some of Craig’s regular photography feel free to visit his website shardsofarcadia

11 thoughts on “Turning the tide

  1. Beautiful drawing of him and the cats. I can see how much you enjoyed your time with him in the care you put in to the drawing. Hopefully life slows down and you can get back to modeling again

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    • Thanks Cara. He’s quite a challenge to draw, very interesting and quite unusual face. And as for the felines, I especially love the adorable critter in his arms – she’s a minx but so full of character. But I did get an hello from the other one the other day and felt very honored…


  2. Artistic talent flows with you naturally, whether it’s as a model or drawing. The detail and emotion captured, that’s no easy to do. Wow, just wow. It’s nice to see you found another outlet for your creativity (even if it’s an old one made new again) Beautiful. Well done.

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    • Thank you. I was fortunate to have an artistic family, and then in my 40’s to go back to uni again to do my art course, modelling my way through nearly 10 years of school eventually culminating in a PhD. My PhD was very contemporary – installation based, but before that I mainly worked in charcoal. I’ve always worked tonally – my colour ability is shit – lol. But the PhD killed my passion and I’ve done very little since, so its wonderful to feel joy in modelling and drawing again. I can thank this blog and my wonderful photographers for this…. I hope to keep working now I’ve started again. Sorry this was a very long reply, but the short reply is thanks for your lovely comment, it was much appreciated. xx

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    • Long or short, thank you for sharing. I’m glad you are finding passion again, keep the joy in it by creating for yourself first and foremost.

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  3. Ohh!! This is a very powerful drawing! Aside of capturing that man’s life and beauty, it’s technically outstanding. And yes, it is erotic.
    Congratulations for your talent !

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