ArtTwist#5 Roundup


UntitledThanks to Julie of @MPBjulie for the ArtTwist#5 prompt by Fragonard – The Swing. Julie went above and beyond the call of duty actually photographing the artwork in situ which was a wonderful thing to do. I’m also a tad envious of her ATM as she is holidaying in Spain…

It was a quiet response this time around, with only 3 entries including yours truly. I take some responsibility for this my mind and emotions have been very much preoccupied and I haven’t been promoting it very well – April really is the cruellest month for me now. Also there are lots of fabulous memes and fun activities going on at the moment, and we are all dog paddling as fast as we can so it’s not such a surprise.

However, Cammies @cammiesonthefloor and Molly from @Mollysdailykiss both contributed fabulous works which interpreted the concept in unique and engaging ways. It was also Molly’s first time playing ArtTwist and I was delighted to see her taking part given how many other things she has going.

Cammies entry The Swing was a fabulous sexy switchy take on the prompt. If you haven’t seen it take the time to do so, as I gather this is a rare event with Cammies calling the shots. I must say the idea of using a suspended partner as a swing, really did it for me., and I loved the image and the explanation “I hiked up my dress that I had just gotten back into and climbed aboard, kicking off as much as possible on the ground, grabbing the ropes to help propel me up…” .The best part is seeing the dynamic occurring between them as Cammies has her way, and he tries to fend her off. I’m sure anyone watching would have thoroughly enjoyed the action.

Molly’s contribution Take a Swing features a series of joyous and delightfully naughty playground images taken by @Domsigns with the Scavenger Hunt in mind.  It also features a delicious story about her love of being on a swing. In Molly’s words “Higher…higher….higher… until there is no more higher and for the briefest of moments I am there hoovering in the dusky sky and then I start to fall and my hair wraps and I bend back my knees and lean forward trying to push myself into the flow of the swing and then there is that moment…”

My own contribution Hot Buttons#6 Flashing for a Lover saw me doing a studio mock up, wearing a peachy coloured vintage petticoat and bra, after trying unsuccessfully to get a decent(???) outdoor shot – in my front yard with cars driving past. As my ever helpful photographer friend CM stated when I texted him what I was doing:
“If you wish to get arrested do it early, Saturday night is their busy night…”

I was happy with the studio shots not the least because I could drop my knickers to half mast without worrying about entertaining the neighbourhood…