I’ve missed a couple of #SoSS posts, and I’ve missed giving feedback to my fellow bloggers who post to my reader or to the meme’s I follow. This was due to a range of factors but I’ve felt bad that I’m not contributing. As someone who has been dealt a few stinging blows to my self esteem and confidence this fortnight “Sting” seems like an appropriate word to hang my post on.  In the process, while I found at least one kindred spirit, I also found other ways to interpret my impromptu prompt. Not much detail here I wanted to post this before midnight.


Stinging Boobs?: The amazing photo of Submiss34f’s belted boobs – the prompt Belted for #MasturbationMonday

Stinging heart pain. Candysnatch shared photos of herself in emotional pain on #SinfulSunday. The photos are sad but beautiful, and we all wished her well… The Sacredness of Tears Candysnatch Reviews


One #MasturbationMonday post

A stinging slap on the cheek and a whole lot of piratey fucking: Tits and Test Tubes Against the Mast


Two #WickedWednesday posts:

A sting in this dark tale: CaraTheron The Wire

Hopefully no sting – some thoughts on having a pap smear – SubBee Don’t Fear the Smear


And finally because I know you kinky people like stingy things of the hitty kind, why not pop over to see Jaime Jerusalem Mortimer who despite having a grand time travelling around the UK and Europe still finds time to call Maddie and Lucy to account.

6 thoughts on “Sting

  1. I find it difficult to keep up with commenting and networking, along with writing/posting, working, housekeeping, parenting, and keeping my marriage strong. But, I also feel guilty when I don’t contribute. I want others to read and comment and enjoy my work, which means putting in the time to read, comment, and enjoy their work, as well. But, I get it. Life does get in the way. For good reason. It’s a struggle I think we all have to deal with.

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    • Yes, and I don’t know how we all do it. We deserve lots of pats on the back and some delicious kinky fuckery for our efforts! Thanks for taking the time to comment back… 😉


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