FPF 2018 #26 Spring

Just spotted a tweet by @WhoresofYore which references this delightful post by https://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/floralia/amp/ All of which made me remember two blog posts I made back in February…

Midnight at the Oasis

IMG_2902 words

Flora glanced out the misted window, coffee cup in hand. Yesterday’s warmth had lured her into thinking that her namesake season – Spring, had arrived in her verdant floral garb. But today winter seemed to have returned, proving once again, that Flora was a hopeless optimist. Optimist or not, Flora seemed to have retained something of the unseasonal warmth – her skin felt hot despite the chill in the air, and she thought she detected a faint scent of flowers and awakening earth.

Without thinking Flora succumbed to the urge to press herself against the cold window pane. The firm contact of her breast against the chilly glass sent a frisson of delight through her and she drew back a little, her hand sliding into the opening of her lacy garment,  smoothing and then pinching the nipple that rose to meet her touch.

An urge rose rapidly within her.


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