Patti Smith – Tribeca

Patti Smith performing in Finland, 2007.jpg
By Beni Köhler, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


I just noticed this post on Flavorwire. I know there are a few of you out there that are Patti Smith fans, so if you haven’t seen this you might want to.

I loved the album Horses back in the day, and given my Hair thang this part of the song Land always got to me. I used to play this when fantasizing about Ryan, and it was the first piece of ‘my’ music I shared with him. Just sayin’

In the night, in the eye of the forest
There’s a mare black and shining with yellow hair
I put my fingers through her silken hair and found a stair
I didn’t waste time, I just walked right up and saw that
Up there — there is a sea
Up there — there is a sea
Up there — there is a sea
The sea’s the possibility

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