#SoSS- Sharing the… Hope?


I’ve been away this weekend with no internet bar my phone. So this is me Sharing my selections some other day…

Althea Alone When I’m on my own… Pedicure This is a post I chose as one of my selections for my guest Roundup on #WickedWednesday. I chose it because I couldn’t not choose it. It’s powerful, poignant, painful – even terrifying in its knife edge of possibility. But it took me to a place I hadn’t been before and an act of loving service that made me cry and woke me up to something I hadn’t considered before. I pray Althea’s friend comes good, and the latest Tweets suggest this – I’m not the prayful sort, but this post requires it.

Pure Nowhere: Recovery Through Self Portraiture  A powerful series of images accompanying Pure Nowhere’s writing on grappling with depression through self portraits using drawing and photography.

Sir and kittens pleasure place Headspace  This a beautiful intimate post that drew me in, and gave me some sort of hope as well. I loved her descriptions of the relationship between them, and of Sir’s kindly Dominance…

Jo Teachers Have Sex Stifled Jo has made a stand about the FOSTA-SESTA bill through a piece of artwork published on #SinfulSunday last week.





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