The Almeh

Since I didn’t end up posting an entry for my own meme ArtTwist#6 last month, and no-one else did either I have extended the prompt until the 7th of June.
The prompt, you may recall, related to the paintings of Jean-Léon Gérôme.

This then is my entry for ArtTwist#6 and for #SinfulSunday, responding in particular to the painting The Dance of the Almeh (1863).

Sinful Sunday


16 thoughts on “The Almeh

    • Thanks love. Yes I read your post, sorry to read you’ve been struggling. I took two weeks off for similar reasons, so I can relate. I’m delighted you like images too. xx


    I was thinking about you the other day when I posted my ode to Mucha photo again. I didn’t realise your prompts were ingoing! I will certainly endeavour to join in! X

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    • Thanks Jo, much appreciated. Combining 3 loves (dance, costume and capturing the moment) is so much fun even when it’s done very impulsively, so it’s very rewarding when others appreciate it. Xx

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