What’s in a name?


I’ve not long joined Fetlife and am slowly adding to my profile there. Because I use ‘midnightoasis64’ as my name on Fet, people don’t know me as ‘Indigo’ unless they have met me at an event, or they recognise my alter ego from this blog or Twitter. I was therefore just a little bemused to receive my first ever “dickpic” addressed to me as ‘Midnight’, a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t mind the use of this alternative name but ‘Indigo’ has become such a part of my life this form of address could almost be referred to as my trademark, even though this blog is not a business.

‘Indigo’ was born around July last year and my/her name is further linked in my mind and that of some fellow bloggers with my studio/cottage/retreat some distance from my home town. I refer to this creative space as ‘The Oasis’. Since I am often awake around and after midnight when I visit there, the link between the place, the hour and the old Maria Muldaur song “Midnight at the Oasis” seems quite natural for me.

Although I started as Indigo, in the way of many Aussie’s I have a tendency to make words shorter and more casual. Therefore those of you who have followed my blog for some time will have seen how Indigo quickly became Indie to the regulars. Indigo/Indie is such a part of my persona now that I sometimes have to check myself when responding to people on my regular email. Although I still occasionally manifest surprise when folk address me as Indigo (especially after I haven’t been blogging or tweeting for a while) generally the name slides over my day to day performance as easily as my silky blue underwear and sexy blue boots. I wrote at length about the genesis of my assumed name and it’s links to mourning and textiles some time ago. You can find this story here, if you care to know more.

My passion for textiles and indeed, fibre, has recently had a boost in the form of bondage ropes. I recently met someone who has just started dyeing cotton rope in a range of colours at a workshop and commissioned her to dye me some in various shades of blue, including indigo. The resultant ropes are all quite beautiful, and I proudly put the ombre ones to use on my mannequin at a craft based event over the long weekend.

While I am not able to give many details of the event, I can tell you that I was amazed and delighted to discover two other kinksters (in a group of about 12) within the first hour or so of my arrival. By the end of the first night my emerging rope skills were on display for all to see and ask questions, by the end of the second day everyone had seen me naked (life drawing) and by the finish of the weekend about half the group (including an increasingly dear but relatively new friend who lives around the corner from the Oasis) knew about my blog.  This was the third time in about as many weeks that I had come out about certain aspects of my kinky life to some close but apparently more conservative friends and I feel quite liberated in being able to do so.

Apart from taking time to practice some tying over the weekend, I worked on some costumes for a play party in late June based on the theme of Fractured Fairytales. I also did some experimental dyeing of my own using natural indigo dyes. I have in mind to make some cotton bandages using Shibori dye techniques for (Shibari) bondage photography.



This is the first time I’ve worked with natural dyeing techniques since Ryan and I went our separate ways so many years ago. At the moment there is an obvious learning spiral in progress which intrigues me greatly. When I started this blog I, as Indigo, deliberately set out to revisit some of my past relationships and experiences in order to settle some ghosts and free myself for new growth. Much to my astonishment this seems to be precisely what has been happening over the last few weeks in particular, in various unexpected ways.

Performing as Indigo has made me bolder, more creative and more willing to take a risk. It is Indigo who led me into writing erotica and posting photos on my blog. She has brought me new sexual experiences (and a ridiculous amount of sex toys!) and  led me into kink.

Indigo has also delivered new, unexpected, kinky and creative friendships both here and overseas. Without my alter ego I would not have decided to visit the UK later in the year. Not only that, I would not have developed rapport with so many lovely sex bloggers and fellow kinksters including my photographer friend CM, who has become increasingly important in my life.

Today I had a long, open phone call with this complex man, where we discussed future creative projects together. For the first time since we met I feel like we truly have a solid basis for a long term friendship and artistic partnership and that’s something that makes me very happy. I would never have appreciated this – for me – radically new way of engaging with a man or even followed up on our initial encounter without my trademark alter ego (and a shove from my mate Sara).


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15 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Thank you for telling more about the history of your blog and your name. Isn’t lovely how brave our alter-ego’s make us. I too seem to be more confident as Marie than I am in my ‘own skin’.

    Rebel xox

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  2. Indigo is a beautiful colour and makes for a memorable name. Only last night, I had a DM conversation with a Twitter friend about how Twitter, and my alter ego – Miss Scarlet, had completely changed my life.

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  3. I have loved getting to know you, you have unravelled slowly but always with great honesty. I totally agree about the blogging persona getting extra or braver facets of the real us! The anonymity and the re-inventing. I particularly like the arty side of you Indie and I cant wait to meet you when you visit the UK xx

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