Winter Solstice


It just a few days past the winter solstice here in the southern hemisphere. I’m more reluctant than ever to get out of bed, though it’s not just the cold keeping me here. Rather I am warm within my precious daydreams. It is not just the season that is turning…

No goosebumps here but lots of fine silvery hairs which caught my attention, but were very tricky to photograph at such a short distance.

I’ve missed the cut-off for #boobday  – again, but what the hell…

Hy tits banner in black and white v neck t shirt

And it’s only just turned Saturday here, but I planned to post this for Sinful Sunday so I will – on Sunday… cause I’m feeling decidedly sinful ATM.

Oh, no reason….

Sinful Sunday


24 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. And it was the summer solstice here. If the two I am all about the summer. I hope it warms up for you soon although the cold does make for some good nipple shots 😉


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